Fedora 32 apt-rpm to apt

I’m looking for clarification on this change. From what I have read this leads me to believe there will be apt and dpkg compatibility for Fedora 32. Will this allow Debian native packages to be installed on Fedora?

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Don’t think so.

This allows a user to copy and paste apt or apt-get commands often found in “Linux” tutorials.

It basically tells yum or whatnot to work on the command you pasted. Someone correct me, if I’m wrong.

From what I have read this leads me to believe there will be apt and dpkg compatibility for Fedora 32.

apt and dpkg are both Free Software that can be built and run anywhere you can install the dependencies.

In that sense, Fedora has always been “apt and dpkg compatible”.

This does not mean that installing things on Fedora using apt and dpkg is going to be a supported feature or something users are encouraged to do.

Basically, this is a developer tool. If you’re building Debian packages for some software you wrote, but all of your project boxes run Fedora Server, this gives you the native tools to work with those packages in your build/dev environment.

This specific change to Fedora replaces their in-house fork/workalike, apt-rpm, with the upstream dpkg from the Debian project.

Out of sheer curiosity I’ll still try to install a few .Deb packages like discord in a VM of the beta. Thanks for the break down @imhigh.today .

Discord is in RPM Fusion FYI:

[[email protected] ~]$ dnf info --showduplicates discord | grep Repository
Repository   : @System
Repository   : rpmfusion-nonfree-updates
Repository   : rpmfusion-nonfree

On a side-note: you could always just convert the packages using alien. It’s a command line tool to convert package formats, you can then just install them.

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I tried to use the RPM Fusion version, unfortunately it is not kept current. You end up stuck at the “download new version” prompt.
I gave up and just use the snap, it is kept up to date.

Thanks for the alien tip @mihawk90 , I didn’t know that existed.

I’m using it for about half a year now without issues. When discord updates it takes a few days to get the new version but they are kept up to date.