Fedora 30, zfs?

Reinstalled my lab machine / dev box with Fedora 30 Cinnamon and bumping up against the slow pace of the ZOL community.

Anyone have a simple method for getting ZFS operational under F30 without having to resort to drastic measures like building a kernel from source?

Are you looking for ZFS root or just a storage drive?

just storage drive … there’s no mention of Fedora 30 on the github page. so maybe I nuke it from orbit and go back to 29?

found this, looks like they’re focusing on the new 0.8.0 release, before worrying about Fedora 30?

Safe bet. ZFS 0.8 is shaping up to be quite good, so I’m not surprised at all they’re waiting. Too bad they didn’t get that sorted while F30 was in beta.

My recommendation: go back to 29 for now.

Throwing caution to the wind, I installed the 0.8 release candidate (rc4)

so far so good, fingers crossed. I don’t store anything important on this machine, just messing around mostly.