Fedora 30 Wake up than sleep Cycle Laptop

I recently installed Fedora 30 on my Razer blade Stealth. After closing the lid and putting the system to sleep, when the system wakes up it will stay active for 30 seconds to a minute and then got back to sleep, and wake back up. This will continue to cycle until I restart or power of the system, however if it put it to sleep again, the problem returns.
Anyone have any thoughts as to way this is happening and how it could be fixes. I have checked the power settings and cannot find anything to adjust to help solve this issue.
I am repetitively new to the Linux environment, so as much info would be great.

Do you have Hyperthreading/SMT disabled? I saw this yesterday:


Apparently if you have HT/SMT disabled it looks for it when waking up and doesn’t resume properly.

Hyperthreading is enabled. the BIOS does not have any way to cycle it on or off to test if that is what is causing the issue.
Thanks for the info.

Mobo requires proprietary software blobs to function properly, credits to razer.

I had that too on my RB14s.
It is fixable, either through a BIOS fix which will never come. #Thanks_Razer #Fuck_Razer

Or through some setting. i’m running Manajro / arch so the generic search and fix worked for me.

Ha, found something that rings a bell:

the handle lid swith suspend thing.

Though i think in the newer manjaro versions, the powermanager made it work for me since i can’t really remember when i did tha lid switch thing.