Fedora 29: CPU usage too high, locks computer

Hello everyone,
after installing the latest Fedora 29 ‘stable’ Kernel my laptop became unusable, reinstalled the entire OS, updated the Kernel again, same issue.

Basically my CPU goes up to 100% usage for no reason and I get this error message: ‘vmlinuz boot image crashed’. There seem to have been a similar issue with Ubuntu as well

I defaulted to installing Ubuntu, but they have pullback that kernel.

Here is my hardware:
CPU: 8th gen i7 8750U
GPU: Nvidia MX150
RAM: 16gb ddr4 2600 (soldered :’( )
( Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro)

Any help is appreciated, again, I had to install Ubuntu to actually work, and the computer was so bugged down I couldn’t get any journalctl logs thus the lack of logs on this post. pls hlp :’(

Boot with a live CD
Review all the logs and dump files.