Fedora 29 and AMD driver

can any one tel my how to install pro amd driver in fedora 29

The install directions AMD provides are at its driver download page. You’ll notice AMD states the driver is intended only for the targeted Ubuntu and RHEL releases. I have not tried to install it Fedora. An install on Ubuntu broke when Canonical released a kernel update.

If memory serves, the install script checks for specific distributions so, minimally, that will need editing before trying on Fedora.

AMDGPU-PRO consists of the open source driver and supplemental packages. The same open source driver is used across Linux, and will likely be newer in Fedora.

thank you for responding
i am asking because i cant start a game from steam in fedora 29
while using rx590
no display adapter installed

uname -r

AFAIK the RX590 is only supported on kernel 4.20+

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