Fedora 27/28 Repository for multimedia tools

I’m happy to announce the second crappy repo that I maintain!

I’ve been mildly frustrated with Fedora’s lack of “up to date” multimedia packages, so I decided to update them myself.


This repo is currently only home to MLT (6.6.0) and Kdenlive(18.04.0), but I’ll add other bits of software as a need is found.

If you have a package request, please post here or PM me. I’d be happy to add it!

To use the repo, use the following command:

sudo dnf copr enable kebrx/multimedia

Then just sudo dnf update and you’ll pull down the updated packages.


Thanks for the effort! I’ll throw you a couple of beers soon, gunnah test these out in the coming days.

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Turns out it’s not ready yet. I’ll update as soon as it’s done!

I’ve got to build a few packages from RPMFusion. (Fedora Project doesn’t like people linking to RPMFusion because of licensing issues)

EDIT: Looks like I’m going to be building ffmpeg and all deps.

Don’t sweat it, take your time. Lettuce know when you think it’s ready :slight_smile:

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Project build status:

 [x] nvenc
 [x] opencore-amr
 [x] vo-amrwbenc
 [ ] x264
 [ ] x265
 [ ] xvidcore
 [ ] ffmpeg
 [ ] libquicktime
 [ ] xine-lib
 [ ] mlt-freeworld

EDIT: dammit, x264 and ffmpeg: circular deps.

EDIT2: Screw this, I’m going to move this repo to my own infrastructure so I don’t have to worry about fedora getting upset.