Fedora 23 -> 25 update faile

So I've updated from Fedora 23 to 25. After the bootloader runs and it selects Fedora 25 it black screens. Any advice on where to start on this one?

Rescue kernel black screens.

Fedora 23 with kernel version 4.8 boots

Are you using nvidia?

If so try disabling things like fast boot in the bios. Or try disabling your igpu. There's another thread about it recently.

You can also boot temporarily by adding nomodeset to the Linux boo parameters. Then install the binary drivers.


Little confused here to be honest @Eden.

Let me look through previous thread - I'm able to boot in with the old kernel, but not the new one.

I'm not certain why my old fedora kernel loads, you think it might because of property drivers. Adding rpm fusion pack may resolve this?

@Eden - For real! Thanks - fast boot!