FD Define S vs Arc Midi 2 vs Define R5

Hi guys,

Yet again I have questions ... having some problems choosing a case. I was going for a Fractal Define S when it came out but now some people tell me that the airflow is not verry good? I want a good build quality, no flexing and good cooling for my components.

  • I like my HDD to be on the cooler side ... is that possible with Define S?
  • How good is the airflow in R5, given i won't remove the top modu-vents?
  • Arc Midi 2 i like more because my components will be happier with better cooling, but isn't it loud being so open?
  • Any other suggestions in this price range? (don't like the Ethoo Pro, so don't mention it pls.)

No overclocking - the aftermarket CPU Cooler i added because of the noise the stock is making, also i like the idea of keeping my cpu at lower temps.

The build is: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Cfsw4D