FCC pushes for Gigabit internet in all 50 states

Good news friends! You all remember the FCC, right? Those big Washington executives that we like to crucify for lacking to inforce their 1996 telecommunications act. Well we may rejoice, for they have finally realized that America wants gigabit internet speeds.

You can probably scrutinize my use of "realize" however, considering there is atleast one example that I know about of the FCC pushing for faster internet. In 2010 we had The Federal Communications Commission's chairman, Julius Genachowski preposed reaching 100mbps internet speeds to 100 million U.S households in the National Broadband Plan by 2020. But on the 18th of this month we saw a large step, and a very positive one at that. Genachowski preposed achieving gigabit internet speeds to atleast one community in each of the 50 United States within the next 2-3 years.

We see this coming at an obviously interesting time, as Google sets up their "Google Fiber" in Kansas City and ISPs like Time Warner claiming that Americans do not need gigabit internet. Apparently the FCC disagrees with you Time Warner, and so do I. Currently we see Kansas City booming economically, businesses moving in and jobs being created as a result of the gigabit internet speeds. Inlight of that ISPs are still disliking the idea of upgrading the infrastructure. Honestly, who can blame them though. If I were a CEO I wouldn't want to cut into my monthly bonus to upgraded the lines we laid almost 10 years ago.

The FCC is calling this plan "The Gigabit City Challege". I personally wince at the title describing it as a "challege", seeing as how it could possibly even be a law instead if a court case were inacted on the grounds that the guidelines of the 1996 telecommunications act were not followed by the broadband companies given tax breaks.

But alas, I await patiently for my gigabit internet connection so that I may invest in server hosting. We can atleast be happy that something is happening in Washington with regards to broadband.

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My source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57564815-38/fcc-pushes-for-gigabit-broadband-in-all-50-states-by-2015/

Alright! Lets hope this is true! Sounds even better in terms of "Jobs" seeing how I'm gaduating with a Telecommunications degree in May.

This is some good news if true.

I like this. alot. currently, when I go home, I feel slowed down... i'm used to 300 mbit average... home i'm lucky to get 10 mbit... very lucky

The tech is out there and there is no reason we shouldnt be able to use it. I hope this comes to my town soon. I cant stand overpriced Timewarner slow ass internet. 

This is good news to hear indeed. Something like this needs to be pushed in Canada. Our internet is outrageously expensive, and extremely poor connections.


Haha, you did good on making this post humorous. Seriously, those ISPs are asses, going as for as saying we don't need them. It's not only a matter of if we need them, it's also because we want them. And who are they to talk? The US should have gotten gigabit speeds a few years earlier, what with the Telecommunications Act and all, but the budget was never used for that purpose. The government is also at fault here. Why didn't they confront the ISPs? Why did they never reprimand them?

Also hoping this get's to Canada

Cool beans

haha, thanks. I tried to make the article as professional as possible while still slightly humorous. I plan to do a bit of light reading on the actual signed into law draft of The Telecommuncations Act of 1996, see what interest parts I can pull out and possible do another post on it in detail.