FCC moving ISP's to Title II?


Oh god I hope so. This post should be a big talking point of the Tek. Logan and Wendell are very cautious when it comes to Wheeler and for good reason obviously.

I would love to hear Wendell's thoughts on this as he will see any holes or what not that we should be weary of. Hopefully in the next episode of the Tek,

It does look promising though. As an Australian I was sitting in fear that the USA would move to destroying the internet with the destruction of net neutrality. As if the USA has not done enough for the world *rolls eyes*.

I will add. Line un-bundling and screwing people on data caps oh and still not rolling out fibre. Title II does not automatically = happy days it just means we don't take an express train to hell.

i think we should all begin calling these companies customer support centers requesting no more data caps and gigabit fiber to the home. over and over, three four times a day. eventually they will realize that its easier to give us what we want than put up with the constant flood of calls.

If you get tens of thousands of customers to actually do it, flooding the call centres queue it will get heard.

I agree. But it does lead to the FCC being able to make more decisions for a open internet without fast lanes. I work as a Tier 3 Tech. I really don't want to go back to having to go on-site everywhere hahaha.