FCC - FCC is sick of I.S.P Excuses, Time for Change

So this FCC has had it. they are sick of ISPs, they just released a document giving a brief history lesson about the interwebs and it's future and what they plan on doing to fix it.

The document is long as hell so before you respond with TOO LONG,

I'll highlight a few important points from the document


Sidenote: FCC just hit the ISPs with the biggest punchline in Tech history.

This means we’re not going to let imaginary concerns about investment incentives and utility regulation cause us to let up on policies to encourage fast, fair, and open broadband.



Source :https://www.fcc.gov/document/remarks-fcc-chairman-tom-wheeler-brookings-institution

I will believe it when I see it happen.

Too bad the idiots in DC are trying to push through a spending bill with language hidden in it that basically says "no more net neutrality" until the current lawsuits against the FCC are settled. They're probably counting on the public to lose interest by then, and for them to be able to come out and push through a bill taking away net neutrality.

The problem is The ISP are too busy trying to line their pockets with all your hard earned money Instead of investing in the network and keeping the current network up. All the want is for us to use metered service yes cell phones are metered service. You are billed on per usage the old days of 30 dollars a mouth and you can use you line for anything and flat rate service is over. I will be glad when Google Fiber comes into the market and hands the ISP the butts. The are the only ones that are trying to bring high speed internet to the public and all they get for the hard work is grief from all the providers in the area that do not have any interest in making the network better. The Telco and cell companies are afraid of them and for good reason. They are installing high speed internet for almost cost. They are not interested in the monthly rate they are interested in getting as many people on line as they can. More people on line the more money the make. Ads generate most of there income not service.