FCC announces plan to reverse Title II net neutrality

Living in the UK, I'm not 100% clued up on how US federal bodies work, but handing over ISPs to the FTC doesn't seem right, and reclassifying them back to Title I isn't an intermediary step in that process.

There needs to be a public push to stop this or, if that fails, reclassify Title I carriers to implement some sort of neutrality - or at least require real competition.

Their hope is to encourage new small business. I sure hope access Netflix, Hulu.. aren't sold as premium packages from the isp along side internet access. We shall see, now is a great time to buy a vpn that can conceal protocols (many services recognise VPN traffic).

The best backup is if the states actually cared to enforce this statewide. While Federally this could only be stopped if hordes of people protest in DC, since Congress is dominated by one party. Otherwise it's hopeless to expect the motion to die. The corporate shills have won...

Anything short of a total and complete obliteration of the entire FCC is a defeat for free speech and innovation.

Everyone watch what happens. It took years for ISPs to be "in name only" reclassified under Title II, and I bet it will take less then a year to reclassify them as Title I again.

This will be another example of what happens when you create an ignorant, apathetic and uninformed citizenry.