FBI VS APPLE: It's a Massive PR Stunt - We Go In-Depth in This Rant:30 | Tek Syndicate

What is Apple really doing here? What is the FBI really doing here. Most of the media is missing it. Again, attacking the branches. We go for the root. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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yesss.... good.

Wait, but I'm a bit confused. So is the only bad thing that apple is doing, is that they know they will receive an additional benefit from them fighting the FBI on this. Which is that this will give their products the potential of succeeding in outside markets, due to the lack of a governmental invasion into privacy that previous corporations didn’t have? Granted maybe they shouldn’t be praised for this reasoning, but it’s nothing that terrible I guess? Like Qain said, every corporation would do this, and it's not like this is something apple out of nowhere decided, haven't they always being very protective of people's privacy compared to corporations like Microsoft or Google? Forgive me if I’m wrong, and great video guys!

We are more ranting about how the entire journalistic community has missed this... They are all reporting on the small picture. After that we simply discuss the whole topic in depth.


ahh okay. Thanks for clarifying! Really insightful things you guys said!

@wendell Taking into account what is happening right now in relation to privacy invasion and phone cloning - is there a possibility that in the future Police could instead of cloning your phone, force something onto it remotely that could be used as evidence against you? Is this already or theoretically possible to do without leaving evidence of tampering and what will issues like this mean for technology in the future?

Yep, makes my blood boil reading some of the mainstream media articles. Because of them there are people who actually now believe apple is pro terrorist.

this PR stunt is only to get a back door into apples product, not just unlock his phone by request. apple doesn't want to do the update. google and android are already in bed with the gov and FBI so why doesn't apple do? cause it's apple.

This video is on vessel and not youtube. Didn't you guys say you wouldn't do that? Or is it just taking a bit longer for youtube to get it ready for viewing?

Struggling threw the video: Want to hear what Wendell has to say and you guys have 80’s video game music consistently running in the background, my wife came into my office and asked me what the hell I was doing….. Vessel does not allow full screen from your webpage.
@wendell there is no doubt on your insight and knowledge but if you want to be taken seriously something has to give.

I found it quite easy to hear wendell. The music was at low enough levels during the discussions. I think the goal here is to have deep rewarding discussion without losing tek syndicate's identity. I personally enjoy the unique way that they present things. Perhaps you are looking for something different?

^ @1920.1080p.1280.720p

" journalistic community" you would think that** journalists** would be the first people to really get the picture when it comes to (anything) encryption related, strong encryption that strong-arm governments can't break nilly-willy has probably saved huge numbers of lives (and kept good people away from prison and torture) . Please remember to vote.

YT is live:

It took longer to upload and I had them set to go live as soon as they were uploaded.

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What does your EQ look like? The video has -35 db music. I can barely hear it with my headphones. And don't be so dramatic regarding Vessel... It was a simple code error. It's fixed!!!!!! Fullscreen is a go.


Good episode guys, however I completely disagree with Wendell. Of course people should be able to build impenetrable rooms. If they own the land and they own the house, they should have every right to build a room or structure that no one can get in.

And I tell you this further. I'm down with the booby traps. You want to assault my living structure? You're going to be getting some spikes coming up from the ground, you're going to be getting some boulders falling on your head, you're going to be getting floods, fire, tornadoes, earth quakes, acts of god, and mother fucking 180 degree no scopes from two hundred yards away.

(audio was totally fine for me)


this all seems a bit extreme :P

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Amazing video! The only exposure I've had on the topic has been from mainstream media. This was very enlightening! Thx!

@wendell oh God yes! Please do more videos on security stuff like this!

My only complaint with the audio was that the music was too loud during transition between segments. I kept having to yank my volume knob down each time.

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This was an awesome video. The general flow and pacing was brisk and you used a few different communication methods to make the information digestible for everyone. I really like the elevated/zoomed out perspective on the matters at hand.

I have little desire to see The Tek change its style but these rant 30's are right up my alley. Kudos to @Wendell for calling out Apple regarding their hardware practices.(price compared to performance) This is my MAJOR issue with Apple. Sorry, I'm not paying 20 bucks for a single piece of Bazooka Joe bubble gum. Improve your hardware or be reasonable with your pricing.

The music in the background was cool in my opinion but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I look forward to more content of this kind. Keep kickin' ass and taking names.

great video once again.
@wendell there might even be a way around the 4-pin passcode maximum of 10 attempts by resetting the internal hardware to allow bruteforce attacks.
Did look for it for some time, have read it in context of McAfee's offer and came across this: https://www.intego.com/mac-security-blog/iphone-pin-pass-code/

The news nowadays is too damn copy & paste shit from all over the place. It's great to still know minor sites where the bigger picture is taken into account and the mind aint given "pure" - maybe even false - information, but also gives the ability to be critical and when think about it, maybe even try to research and create one's own opinion and discuss with others.

Whatttttttttttt? 600 bucks for 32GB of ram? Where can I get this deal?!?!