FBI Trying to Copy /one up the NSA

FBI seems like they are trying to One up the NSA in bad ideas (not to mention Illegal) and stifling any internet industry still left in the usa.



FBI Drafts Law to Require Websites to Grant Backdoor Access to Government Agencies


I'm sure you've heard about PRISM, the NSA's surveillance program which enlisted the cooperation of tech giants like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (and thereby Skype). That program involved companies voluntarily granting the U.S. government backdoor access to user communications and data. This was a scandal, and of course the companies involved were not about to reveal the technical methods used to grant that access. In the case of Microsoft, we have specific documents from the Snowden leaks which show that Microsoft helped the NSA by developing a way to break their own encryption, thereby allowing real time monitoring of Skype audio and video. If you think that's creepy, wait till you hear what they are trying to do next.

Right now the FBI Director Robert Mueller is traveling around the country meeting with CEOs and lawyers of major tech firms in an attempt to convince them not to publicly oppose a new law that they have drafted, a law making it mandatory for all websites which have over a certain number of users to install code that would allow the U.S. government to monitor all communications.

Seriously? If you're like me, you probably did a double take when you read that.

According to CNET, the FCC is already making active inquiries into the matter, which indicates that they are preparing to create new regulations.
"We have noticed a massive uptick in the amount of FCC CALEA inquiries and enforcement proceedings within the last year, most of which are intended to address 'Going Dark' issues," says Christopher Canter, lead compliance counsel at the Marashlian and Donahue law firm, which specializes in CALEA. "This generally means that the FCC is laying the groundwork for regulatory action."

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The FBI's legislation, is just one component of what the agency is internally referring to as the "National Electronic Surveillance Strategy." The law has gotten the Department of "Justice" stamp of approval.

If this thing passes it's going to create a whole new niche market: offshore tech.






Finally, some market competition in the "government intrusion into our privacy" sector.

May the world become rich with cypherpunks.