Fax Server Software - TCP to Phone Transmission

Here is the situation:

We have a Xerox WorkCentre 7335 networked. We would like to use fax functionality, but there are no available phone lines near the machine. Perhaps we could have a local server on the network that is also connected to a phone line, which would take the "internet" transmission and move it to a phone transmission.

Does anyone know of any software which can do this?

to necro an old thread with an answer. there are many software solutions you could use but the biggest issue u will run into is getting the phone line into the data network. this requires specialized hardware to do, namely and fxo analog port. u can get an ata (analog telephone adapter) to do this.

the above is to help anyone whom is looking to do the same as given the age OP may have already moved on!.

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@mrnoble Thanks for the response! I thought this one was dead in the water!

Anyways, I am most definitely still interested in learning about this. Although my boss kind of put this project on the shelf, I am almost certain he will be asking me to do it here shortly.

What my current understanding/plan is to have a computer running linux. On that computer I will install some kind of open source fax server software. For hardware I'll need two data connections 1) Ethernet connection to receive tcp/ip data and 2) some kind of phone line "jack" component to send the fax out to the world.

Seeing as I don't really know much about this, does that sound right? Do you have any recommendations or do you know the proper term for the phone line "jack" component for the server? Is their some kind of PCI-E for an RJ11/14/25???

for the hardware end look for a dial up modem that supports fax. Back in the bad old days of dialup internet my dad did this for his tax prep work.

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based on this http://atyourservice.blogs.xerox.com/2010/09/29/knock-knock-knock-who%E2%80%99s-there-lanfax/#.VqJi_l5XaCh

i think it would be far easier to run a physical analog line to the fax and then install the above mentioned printer/fax drivers to get network faxing. if i remember correctly u can go further than 100m on analog lines and still function. the only time id recommend using an ata + voip server is if we are toll bypassing or setting up centralized lines for the company. maybe a full explanation at the rational for the project would help clarify it its worth it.

The Xerox, in addition to it's copy and print features, would be used a public fax machine. Unfortunately, its location isn't close to any phone jack. Also, we can't run a phone line from this machine because there isn't a nearby phone connection in the floor or wall, and running a wire would be quite inconvenient. Therefore, to me, it seems easiest to use the network connection it's already utilizing to send the faxes to a local fax server, which would be located next to a phone jack.