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Fawkes Little justy that c(an)ould


I-am building a justy just for the fun of it really.
After kicking off in the L1’s Garage thread i decided to make my own topic on it.
All updates on the car shall be posted here.



L1's Garage

So small update,
I fixed the front suspension by completely replacing the strut assembly’s.
Good news, it does not bounce around anymore! and i can drive over speedbumps!

One of the lowered front struts had its boot undone and that resulted in a leaking strut making it effectively just a spring.
The bolts and everything did look quite good, on the green Justy they were really rusted up.

I also cleaned the brake rotors and wheels with a wire brush and put a light coating of ceramic grease on them to prevent (galvanic) corrosion.

It looks funny now

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Well today i spend several hours expanding my neighbors vocabulary.
The left side is raised but the right side had it’s wheel bolt free spinning with the lug-nut still on it… F
Managed to get it off without obvious damage to the weel after hours of drilling spraying and eventually just using a hammer. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud

And now the brake screws i had to drill out aswell and the brake drum is really stuck.
Today was a bad day.

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Days like that suck. That’s impressive that brake drum is stuck on there so badly, those things are in 4 wheeler territory as far as size goes.

You got some PB Blaster?

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Yes i just gave up as it was 21:00 and i hadn’t even eaten yet.
I sprayed it with WD-40 as that is all i got on me now.
It’s not the best penetrant but i’ve never had problems with it when leaving it on for a night or some days.

Should get some proper penetrating fluid.

Now i need to go to the parts justy for some “new” studbolts

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Might be worth just getting new ones, they souldn’t cost over $2.

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Are the screws philips or jic? Are the screws already fubar? If not , if you have a screwdriver with a thru the handle shank, use it and a heavy hammer and shock the screw. Or use a screwdriver bit and hammer [hold the bit with vise grips…trust me…].



I agree, but i have 16 spares on the other car and sadly they cost 6,- here. (when i can find them),
So i’ll try used first.

Great advice, i indeed hit them with a hamer and screwdriver before trying to take them off.
One went (with my whole body weight pressed against it).
The other one i had to drill out.

Good news however i managed to get the drum off using the bolt trick i saw over at Eric the car guy


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