Fawkes Little justy that c(an)ould

I-am building a justy just for the fun of it really.
After kicking off in the L1’s Garage thread i decided to make my own topic on it.
All updates on the car shall be posted here.



So small update,
I fixed the front suspension by completely replacing the strut assembly’s.
Good news, it does not bounce around anymore! and i can drive over speedbumps!

One of the lowered front struts had its boot undone and that resulted in a leaking strut making it effectively just a spring.
The bolts and everything did look quite good, on the green Justy they were really rusted up.

I also cleaned the brake rotors and wheels with a wire brush and put a light coating of ceramic grease on them to prevent (galvanic) corrosion.

It looks funny now


Well today i spend several hours expanding my neighbors vocabulary.
The left side is raised but the right side had it’s wheel bolt free spinning with the lug-nut still on it… F
Managed to get it off without obvious damage to the weel after hours of drilling spraying and eventually just using a hammer. Jeremy Clarkson would be proud

And now the brake screws i had to drill out aswell and the brake drum is really stuck.
Today was a bad day.


Days like that suck. That’s impressive that brake drum is stuck on there so badly, those things are in 4 wheeler territory as far as size goes.

You got some PB Blaster?


Yes i just gave up as it was 21:00 and i hadn’t even eaten yet.
I sprayed it with WD-40 as that is all i got on me now.
It’s not the best penetrant but i’ve never had problems with it when leaving it on for a night or some days.

Should get some proper penetrating fluid.

Now i need to go to the parts justy for some “new” studbolts

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Might be worth just getting new ones, they souldn’t cost over $2.

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Are the screws philips or jic? Are the screws already fubar? If not , if you have a screwdriver with a thru the handle shank, use it and a heavy hammer and shock the screw. Or use a screwdriver bit and hammer [hold the bit with vise grips…trust me…].

I agree, but i have 16 spares on the other car and sadly they cost 6,- here. (when i can find them),
So i’ll try used first.

Great advice, i indeed hit them with a hamer and screwdriver before trying to take them off.
One went (with my whole body weight pressed against it).
The other one i had to drill out.

Good news however i managed to get the drum off using the bolt trick i saw over at Eric the car guy




DON’T USE USED STUDBOLTS! one big headache!
At the dealer i got 2 new bolts and nuts (out of parts bin) for 10,-.

So the justy passed MOT!
I can finally enjoy driving this little thing
i already knew it had a leaking transmission but i got that sorted out after mot (hopefully it won’t leak again) the seal between the axle and transmission was leaking.

In the meantime i-am touching up on the car.
Removed the backseats (unusable anyway because of the front seats).

Painted the strutbar black instead of that horrific red.
And i-am currently flushing the engine with cheap oil (it already is so black… disgusting), soon the second oil change will happen and after that some quality oil with a new filter.

I-am also thinking about welding the viscous clutch for full time 4wd.
Any thoughts on that?

Pictures will follow.

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Unless that thing lives off road don’t do it. Doing that for a road car would be extremely hard on your transfer case/transaxle, CV axles, drive shaft, bearings, and tires. Not to mention your car will start doing weird stuff when you turn sharp.

I’ve never done anything like that, so I’m not sure if everything I’m saying is accurate, but that’s what I’ve gathered from 4x4 manuals warnings about using 4x4 on the road, YT videos,
and 4x4 buddies.

Clear, the video was very informative!
guess i’ll keep the viscous clutch.

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PICTURE TIME! as promised.

This was under the hood when i bought it.

And this is under the hood a few weeks ago after a few things that just had to be done.

The strutbat was i bad (ugly) shape

After some (a lot) of grinding and sanding, and after spraypainting it.

The car has now been lifted aswell back to original height.

And here’s a little peak towards my next upgrade


small update after a long time,
The exhaust will have to wait, to many weird bends and whatnot.

I-am however working on the rims,
They are certainly not perfect, but nothing you’ll see from a meter away.

Is it me or do white rims look way bigger?


Nice, thread @Fawkes

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Looks good!

I know white wheels are hard to keep clean, but I’ve always liked the way they look, and when you see a car with white wheels that are clean you know they really care about their ride.

Just needs an STI swap now.

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Lol that would be madness. I think that car weighs something like 1600lbs

The gearbox takes Suzuki G engines,
I’d LOVE to swap a G13B (GTI engine 102hp stock) engine to replace the G13BA (68hp stock).
However funds… plus you’d have to find a swift GTI wich is a rare find on itself.
more doable would be a G13BB (86hp stock)engine. but funds…

845Kg 1800lbs

Whoops, look what i found whilst removing the rear tires…

it’s not to bad.

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BTW the rear wheels are white and they are on the car also :smiley:

I got around cleaning it up and tomorrow it’ll get welded.


I got some steel to :stuck_out_tongue:

and a nice sticker for about 23.8 extra HP