Fawkes GOLDEN RX480/580 upgrade bios ( XFX GTR (s) ) *V2*

UPDATE 10-2021 renewed the download links because of a google security update


Hello everyone!

After some tweaking and testing and tweaking ant testing etc i’ve come up with a nice bios
to upgrade your XFX RX480 GTR (BE) to an XFX RX580 GTR-S (custom).
It features:


  • It’s based off of the original XFX RX580 GTR-S BE BIOS for ultimate VRM, memory and overall pcb compatibility
  • A fan curve that’l actually keep your gpu cool without extreme fan speeds (average BF4 temp 68c (in corsair 330R))
  • The original power limits from the RX580 GTR-S BE BIOS
  • A GPU clock of 1400MHz for guaranteed great stability on over 72% of all XFX RX480’s
  • That GPU clock has been obtained on the original RX580 bios voltage (1150)
  • Hugely improved memory timings (Uber-mix extreme v2.3)
  • A Memory clock of 2020MHz to ensure errorless memory
  • The timings and memory clock yields performance about equal to atleast 2250MHz memory on a default RX480
  • And even more


  • All of v1 but:
  • Even better memory performance and stability (Uber-mix extreme v3.1)
  • A bit better power distribution
  • Logical core clocks
    it’s called "xfx480to580v2.rom"

Download HERE

The gpu i-am using it on has ASIC quality of 72%
Please if you use this bios, let me know how your results are.
Mine are fully 100% stable and error free with actually lower power usage than the original bios.
Before flashing an RX580 bios onto it i was never able to get 1400 @1150mv but now it’s rock stable and i could even overclock it further.
I included the bios that came with my gpu for if you mess up and don’t have a backup for some reason.

Download flash and enjoy your free upgrade!
Let us know what’s up and how you’re liking it down below.

Download HERE


I-am not responsible for anything at all, don’t fuck up



Your temps? Before and after?

My XFX RX480 8GB is dildos, and would probably brick if i tried this bios. Any OC on the memory gives out errors, and the heat output at 1340mhz, is pushing the Arctic Accellero Twin Turbo II i slapped on it, to it's limits.

I'm currently running with the stock factory OC of 1288mhz on the core, memory is at 2000mhz.

The VRM's can easily go peak at 97c.

Which XFX 480? The GTS was a POS, but the GTR was the best out there for the price and cooler. If you even pushed the stock 180 watt tdp of a RX 580 onto a GTS, it would probably blow up because of the bad PCB. The GTR, no issue on the PCB or Cooler side.

The RX 480 XFX in general have good bins, JaysTwoCent's review of it had him pushing one at 1400mhz on air without breaking pass 150w if I recall correctly. I'd be more impress if you can now get that to 1500mhz stable like Sapphire's RX 580 Nitro+ limited edition.

Reference card, hence why i slapped an Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II on it, as the reference cooler is trash. XFX had 2 reference models for the 8GB, one with a 1288Mhz clock, the other 1328MHz. I got the 1288mhz one, since it was like £25 cheaper at the time than the 1328mhz one.


The GTR was massively overengineerd on the vrm's and such.
That's why anyone with a GTR 480 is totally save trying an RX580 bios
(and i actually encourage them to do so).
Even than the vrm's are just relaxing.

was exceptional, but with the new 580 bios's it has become more of a rule for even the 480's

This bios was intended for the GTR versions.
but that sucks man...

couple of degrees while idle/watching video, way lower power consumption on everything except gaming.
and while gaming also a couple of degrees (+- 5c or so) lower on average.
also way less peaks/spikes on the core clock when watching youtube for example.

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Ahh, I guess he got an engineering sample then, very shady. It reminds me of the PowerColor PCS+ R9 290x review where the review sample had Hynix memory and easily overclocked to 6200mhz, but the retail cards had Elpidia memory.

yep he must've been "lucky" when he recieved his XFX GTR 480

Thats pretty toasty,
but yeah those IR direct on mosfets used on that card are nutorious for being pretty in-efficient.
I´m not really a huge fan of the XFX RX480 GTR cards.

so he's not talking about the vrm's on the GTR cards (on my GTR they rarely go above 70c)

Good thing the VRM's are rated at 125c then. I do recall that overclocker Der8aeur or whatever his name is, when voltage modding the card, he said that he never needed to put additional cooling on the VRMs, and this was with i think 1.35v going through the card. (1.15v being the default max) The VRM's on the RX 480 are rated at 40A @125c.

My guess is i just got one of the low end cards in terms of quality. It's even got an ASIC Quality of 64.6%.

Check out my temps after half an hour of Overwatch. (the RPM speeds of the fans are fucked, ignore that)

1290mhz core @1100mv
2000mhz memory @980mv
+20% power limit

Okay, i missed that part i guess.

But still i´m not the biggest fan of those XFX RX480 GTR cards,
because of the said IR direct on fets used on the card.
they are not the most efficient fets 55A at 90°C.
But as soon as you go passed that, they degrade quickly. (35A ish @ 125°C)
However for an RX480 they should be more then fine, as long as the vrm stays below 100°C.
Which shouldnt be an issue on a RX480.
The reference FuryX also uses those IR direct ON fets.

my favorite RX480 was the Asus Strix, with 60A IR powerstages.
Those are 60A continouslly at 125°C.
Which is way more efficient.
But never the less those XFX RX480GTR and HiS RX480 Roaring2 are basicly fine cards aswell.

But flashing a RX580 bios to a RX480 visa versa, people should keep an eye on the pcb aswell.
Its not like that you should flash any RX580 bios with the best clocks on you could find.
Because with some RX480´s you might run into serious issues with the vrm.
Because of the increased power requierements of the RX580.
XFX RX580 GS bios on a RX480GTR should work fine.
But with a crap card like the Powercolor devil RX480 you should be very carefull.

Yeah those Magna Semicon MDU1514 fets are rated at 66A continously at 25°C,
54A at 70°C and 40A at 125°C.
Which for a reference card isnt bad.
But i personally wouldn´t recommend to flash a custom RX580 bios on a reference card.
Unless you have some decent custom cooling on it.
And then you should pick a bios with the lowest clocks.
But that still isnt any guarantee for succes.
People should really educate themselfs before doing these kind of things.

I'm just gonna stick with the factory OC of 1288mhz tbh.

I'll wait until Navi is out, then upgrade.

Upgrading to a better card in the future wenn you need better performance,
is wiser thing to do yes.

Thank you! It's crazy to me how many people are unaware of the benefit they can get in their 480/580 by modding the timings. Especially once you max clockspeeds, improving the timings can add another 10% at least, if I'm not mistaken. It's all documented well over on overclock.net though.

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yes i was really surprised when i found out how much performance i actually gained!

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I have 2 reference xfx Rx 480s xxx cards under ekwb. I've flashed other xfx rx480s to 580s with dual bios worry free. Would there be any reason this would brick my card? I want to toss the most insane rx580 bios on these. I've seen ones with 1460mhz out there as well. Thoughts? (PS these have Samsung memory)