Favourite Japanese Anime Films

I'm just wondering what everyone on the fourms likes, I realise there are probally 10's of other threads just like this one but I personally can't find them.

My personal favourites are:

Castle in the sky


My neighbour totoro

Pretty much anything by studio ghibli



The girl who leapt through time

Nothing that Studio Ghibli has made.

Mindblowing animation; pointless story plots that feel made-up just to support the latter.

Gundam 00

attack on titan


Haibane Renmei

Gurren Lagaan



Just to name a few :)

Tekkon Kinkreet

Perfect Blue


Grave of Fireflies

Origin: Spirits of the Past

They all good, yup.

Ghost in the Shell, followed by More Ghost in the Shell. Also, Akira.


5 Centimeters Per Second

Garden of Words

Voices of a Distant Star

She and Her Cat

Kite and Mezzo Forte(if you like hyper Violent stuff with a good plot).

Macross - Do You Remember Love

Mononoke Hime

Macross Frontier Movies (Itsuwari no Hime and Sayonara no Tsubasa)

Time of Eve


Summer wars is pretty good to i enjoyed watching that.

Oh, forgot to mention Attack On Titan, Fckin love that show.


Howl's moving castle was amazing; probably hard to find now though.

Howl's moving castle is easy to find if you know were to look, wink wink nudge nudge. Don't even bother looking for a website to steam it from, it either doesn't exist or I wasted an hour looking in all the wrong places.


HERE it is steaming..I don't really have a favorite Anime Movie anymore..Maybe Akira or Twilight of the Dark Master, Oh wait I'll say  Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door A.K.A Cowboy Bebop: The Movie..Just because that is what my mom wanted to watch and do on Mother's Day when it was in theaters..

And as always HERE is my list..

Akira is top of my top 5 favorite Anime movies. Followed by Vampire Hunter D, The Castle of Cagliostro, Patlabor: The Movie, and Porco Roso.

In terms of "films" or movies i really havent watched much. All i have seen is all the inuyasha movies (i think there was 3 or 4). and last night i watched the girl who leapt through time and a certain magical index: Miracle of Endymion

The End of Evangelion

I saw the clannad movie last night. I suppose it's good if you are lazy and want to see a altered dumbed down watered down version of the anime in a hour and a half

Ghost in the Shell

Ninja Scroll

Spirited Away


Cowboy Bebop

Princess Mononoki

Voices of a Distant Star (short)

The Place Promissed in Our Early Days


Gunbuster and of course the daddy of them all Akira.

it's all about La Blue Girl