Favourite HDD Manufacturer + Recommendation?

Whats is  your favourite HDD or SSD manufacturer?  Do you think certain ones are  better for reliability or peformance?

Im looking to upgrade my old 250GB Hard drive to a 500GB one. Im just after one for the best reliability and daily use.  Any recommendations would be good.    Is the WD 500GB Blue a good bet for me?

I like my Western Digital blue. Its fast for a Hdd and hasn't had any errors yet after a couple months of use. Samsung and Kingston are probably the best ssd makers. :)

I don't think you can really go wrong with a seagate barracuda or a WD blue, where I live they are priced identically at all capacities, too. There are higher performing drives, but these tend to be perfectly fine for a typical home build (I'm using a seagate barracuda 2TB in conjunction with my samsung SSD).

I like Western Digital for HDDs and Samsung for SSDs

Seagate had problems with there barracuda drives failing very quickly. I think it had to do with them being formatted a bad way...

Western Digital for hard drives, Samsung for SSD.

At the minute the Seagate Barracuda and Western Digital drive are priced around the same for the same capacity. Anyone recommend one over the other?  

And Ive got a really old Seagate barracuda  from an old build thats over 12 years old and still working, not bad eh?

Seagate used to be considered the best, now I am not so sure. I don't trust any HDD entirely, as you should always expect them to break. If WD and Seagate are priced similarly, I grab the WD.

Samsung for SSD and WD for HDD, although I recently read an article that for long term hard use Hitachi had a better lifespan than any other.

I am just getting in to the world  of SSD's. :)

But for regular hard-drives my money is on WD RE series I have 2x 500GB, and 2x 1TB, each in a RAID 1 setup. And they have been running 24/7 for some years now.

I like that WD has a 5 year warranty on their HDD's ( I don't know if other companies has the same warranty).

I have had one of the 1TB, fail after 3½ years, and the RMA directly to WD was quick and easy, a replacement drive was quickly dispatched from WD.

They had an Advance Replacement, where you for a smallish fee ( I don't remember how much, it was back in 2010, but it was not a large fee) where they would send the replacement drive before they received the defective drive.

I have had plenty of fails on my Western Digital drives, a couple on my Seagate and never had any on my 

Hitachi GST Deskstar P7K500!!! 

I have had plenty of fails on my Western Digital drives, a couple on my Seagate and never had any on my 

Hitachi GST Deskstar P7K500!!! 

I have mainly used, WD HDD's in the computers (laptops & stationary computers) in our household, and have only had the 1 TB HDD fail in the server. Most, if not all, of these WD drives are more than 3 years old. I am not aware if WD has some series of bad HDD's, if they have, I have steered clear of them :)

I have allot of Seagate drives and i have had no trouble with them. But when is comes to reliability it's Hitachi.


For HDD I always go Western Digital... mostly their Black series. Very fast drives and high capacity at a decent price.

When it comes to SSDs, I mostly pick what is better for the price. ATM, I'm mostly into the Samsung 840 EVO and Crucial M500 series SSDs.

Just a friendly tip: never buy new harddrives under 1TB. It's not worth it. 2TB drives are at the sweetest pricespot at the moment.

please stop using the backblaze article, and tables, since it was released they have received a lot of backlash for it. it's not a true representation of drive failure rates.

Thanks for the input guys. Im not so sure about the graph showing failue rates, I thought seagate were quite reliable.  And Im probably going to go for a 1TB now as its only a bit more expensive compared to the 500GB.  

I thought I was a bit biased, but seeing as many people like the same drives as me.

Samsung/WD all day. I haven't had many problems with them yet.

I've had some drive failures with Hitachi and Toshiba hard drives, and a Crucial M4 SSD that liked to BSOD windows after 5000 hours of power on hours, (Fixed with a firmware update, and still running today). Still a bit biased against Crucial though. :P

I don't trust any HDD manufacturer, but I've had mixed results from both, but I'm more likely to buy Western Digital than Seagate or Hitachi.

I had 1 Seagate External 4TB just stop working one day for no reason, and I had two WD Greens fail on me, but I think that was more my fault since I ran them in a two-bay enclosure in JBOD and I may have accidently kicked them over with my foot a couple times....*oops*

To stop this from ever happening again I decided I would only buy prosumer or enterprise gear from both of them.  I have a 1TB WD RE4 that is used as my game disk and I'm planning on purchasing WD Reds in the future unless there is a significant reason for me to go for Seagate NAS drives.

My preference for HDD has always been Western Digital, never had one fail. Seagate makes good HDD to but i personally have had some bad luck with them. I have a 1.5tb Seagate Barracuda thats starting to fail and i had a 250gb and 5020gb fail in the past. As for SSD's id just buy whatever is the best deal from Samsung, crucial, Intel or Corsair. I think 840 evo pros and Intel 1500 pro series are the most reliable and generally the fastest.