Favourite all Metal Case?

Hi guys, 

Just watching the livestream from Linus and co. and was wondering what everyone's favourite case that has an all metal construction is? I might get a new case soon and I'd love to hear your thoughts


The C70 is my favorite All metal case, the window  is the only downside because the fanholes make it a bit lack-luster.

C70 is a great mid towner case, I am really into ITX building right now and I love the Lian Li Q25.

Corsair Vengeance C70 is a very good metal case. If you don't like putting fans on the side panel, you can always rotate it by 180 degrees (just remove some screws) so the clear side is more focused on your hardwares and the perforated side is closer to your hdd cages. Or you can always replace it with a cutom made clear/smoked acrylic and it's gonna look so much better.

Thanks for your input, guys. I might get a C70 at some point. They are epic looking cases (gotta love the little flap on the buttons on the IO panel :D). I can easily make a new window without the fan holes, so I'll probably do that.

Silverstone SG08 mini itx thats the one I'm going to buy for my build i love the minimalistic look it has and the layout allows me to use my MOBO and all my other components to the max. Also with a little modafication i can keep the 180mm fan at the top and fit a 120mm all in one water colling system.  

Silverstone Raven Rvo3 .... sexy case imho

The Silverstone TJ11 is an aluminium case, I love it, gets me good temps. Bit heavy though.