Favorite Podcasts?

I enjoy listening to podcasts (usually in the background) at work, and was wondering what other podcasts might be out there that I haven't found or listened to...

I like the MetalSucks YT podcast, Penn Jillette's podcast, a lot of NPR's stuff...can't think of any more in particular.  

So, does anybody else have particular podcasts that they particularly enjoy?

Penn Jillette has a podcast?!?! Awesome. I enjoy the Rooster Teeth podcast as well as The Patch.

Nice.  Enjoying the patch right now...needed some new blood, thanks!

I enjoy Giant Bombs Podcast. They talk about games and a lot of off topic stuff that ends up being funny and kind of wrong. And I feel they have a good balance of games across all platforms. There EIC Jeff ends up being really dead on about the way I feel about some games. He had some interesting insight into Destiny this week that I kind of agree with.

Also listen to PC Perspective podcast to help me keep up with computer tech. And Maximum PC has a OK podcast. Its been good the last few episodes. 

I have a 40 minute walk to work so I listen to a lot of podcasts. Favourites include:

Kermode & Mayo FIim Review

Dan Carlin's Hordcore History


Marek vs Wyshynski

The Steve Dangle Podcast


The last three are all based around north american sports, particularly the NHL.

+1 To RT and Patch podcasts. Also it's somewhat of a niche humor and not for everyone but I also enjoy The Last Podcast On The Left 

Programming Throwdown is easily my favorite, honestly the best background noise for jogging, and mind you, the style is cool, they talk about a certain aspect of developing like UNIX commands or a programming langauge every episode