Favorite Game Soundtrack?

I just wanna know what you're guys favorite game soundtracks are!

Personally, When I listen To Fallout 3's i just break out into this -

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battlefield 1942 comes to mind

and nfsmw 2005

Transistor and Bastion. Transistor is not my kind of game, but damn, that score...
I am still playing them from time to time and I still enjoy it. Both of them. They both fit in the game and are great as just music. Most games use good soundtrack that either don't fit well in the game, but it's great music, or fit great in the game, but without the game looses it's power. Bastion and Transistor are definitely the ones I will point a finger at and say "this is good music and it's from a video game "...

Normally I don't really care about the soundtrack. The one in Primal somehow was the exception.

Hands down my favourite soundtrack would have to be the Deus ex Human revolution soundtrack.


Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Chrono Trigger
Last Ninja 2

The Bioshock soundtrack is my favorite.

It's got to be the Assassin's Creed 2 soundtrack. Jesper Kyd really hit the nail on the head there, it's just excellent.

Dark Cloud, hands down.

Jesus, i forgot about this one... Soooooooo gooooooooooooood...

the sims 1 build soundtracks

Battlefield Vietnam was pretty damn good.
The Bioshock games had goo music too. As did most of the Medal of Honor games.

Mine would have to be Need for speed underground. There might be others that I just cant think of right now

Dem strings tho. So pretty. <3

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Path of Exile - a simple, yet enthralling soundtrack. Especially in places like dungeons. That creepy, drum heavy music...

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - because of course

Emperor: Battle for Dune - shit game, but 3 hours of great music with 3 different styles

Diablo 1 - because of course

Stronghold Crusader - Not my style, but still had something magical about it that I loved

Came here to say Morrowind.

If you liked Morrowind and you like 8-bit type things, listen to this:

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Kingdom Heats

I've always been a fan of the Mass Effect 3 score. Nice mix of classic sci-fi synth, and more orchestral tracks. Sets the mood well.

All the Mass Effect games made pretty good use of synth in their soundtracks actually. I don't think they get enough props for that classic sci-fi move.

Shovel knight sound track, it's a bad ass indie for those who don't know.