Favorite game of the year

By far, my favorite game of the year is Swords and Sworcery. I have it for Steam and Android. Its indie and it's just amazing :D 

The story really isn't a traditional bland story, which I like. (The fact that it is completely what you make of it)

What was your favorite game of the year?

Like i said in my thread, if dark souls for the pc counts then that would be my game of the year. Other wise I'd have to say borderlands 2.

If some one at ts sees this it would be awesome if you could release a app for the website with a optional notification system for new posts and /or videos. I would pay for an add free app like that. Keep up the good work! 


My few games of the year would have to be Counter Strike Global Offencive, Torchlight 2 and Tribes Ascend. I want to try Farcry 3 because I head it looks gorgeous with all of the graphical settings. For indie games, there are a bunch of great titles. To The Moon, ^ Soward & Sorcrey, Lone Survivor, Retro City Rampage and Hotline Miami, Mark Of The Ninja.

I didn't play many games this year but I did get Hitman Absolution and Ghost Recon Future Soldier which both disappointed me, for games that came out this year I've got to pick Day -z (before hackers) and Sword and Sorcery. 

borderlands 2Far Cry 3, Hotline Miami, Planet Side 2, Sleeping dogs just to name a few

My favorite game of the year would be Natural Selection 2. It's only been out a couple months now but I have enjoyed it so much. Plus all the games I played this year before that one were from last year so I don't think those count. At any rate, it has a great dev team, a great community, and is simply fun to play.

My games of the year are Black Mesa, Far Cry 3, Natural Selection 2, Tribes: Ascend, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Chivalry, and Mark of the Ninja.

Definitely Crusader Kings II. Such an addictive game, and I cannot wait for Europa Universalis IV. 

Skyrim hands down!

Skyrim was last year.... ( November 11, 2011)

Far Cry 3, Chivalry: Midieval Warfare, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Guild Wars 2.

My favourite would be ETS2, the only game I played that is from 2012

Boarderlands 2 all the way. love that game 

Planetside2, tf2, CSGO, Street Fighter 4 

It has to be one of the best games out there 


I'd have to go with Little Inferno and Dishonored overall.

Guild Wars 2 was fun for a while.

Also, I had (and am having during the christmas/newyearfreetime) a lot of fun in NFS: Most Wanted.. the multiplayer part captures a lot of the fun that burnout: paradise had, and the unlock mechanics etc. cater to the itch for that sort of stuff that I have.

New Xcom is my fave this year followed by endless space. Im more of a strategy gamer than an FPS gamer. Also really enjoyed FTL.

At the moment its the Hawken open beta. Its free (which is always a plus) and has great multiplayer content. Its the only game out this year that I've felt 'involved' in.

I liked Chivalry and They Bleed Pixels. Only games that really stood out to me this year. I was kind of disappointed with the titles I had gotten my hands on.