Favorite Final Fantasy or RPG?

What is your favorite RPG you've played? My all time favorite rpg is ff7. The story blew me away back when I played it but now a days plot dynamic plot twists are typical. Anyways what is your favorite rpg or is there is more then one?

Final Fantasy III, and Morrowind.

Final Fantasy VI (JPN)/ Final Fantasy (III) are the best in the FF series, followed by 7, in my opinion.

Favorite RPG of all time: CHRONO TRIGGER

Final Fantasy VII then X. X was the first to have voice overs so it was pretty special for that reason. VII was the first I ever even played and the storyline was fantastic. I'd love to see it fully remade. (Not remastered)

Final Fantasy 6-10 are great IMO.  12 was an ambitious try but i feel like they tried to go the Kingom Hearts route.

Another RPG i'd like to honor is Legend of Dragoon, it's one directly from Sony and it's my all time favorite RPG.  Very great story and it's well interactive, great effects.  I just wish they continued it instead of canning LoD2 =(.

Check out Vagrant Story.

I played Legend of Dragoon. Never completed it. I must have been about 7 or 8 at the time. I do remember it though and it was fantastic!

The newer rpgs just dont cut it for me :( ffxiii where I just lost hope on final fantasy series hopefully ff xv redems the final fantasy series. Also chrono trigger was an amazing rpg just wish i could have finished it. kingdom hearts is great also. 

Final fanstasy 10 is probrobly my favorite bacause I remember having so much fun beating it for the first time.  I also file final fantasy 2, 6, and 7 as well.  I want to try 9 but i would mostlikly not have any time to play it.   As in favorite rpg, it is hard to choose just one.   I loved golden sun, Chrono Trigger, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Star Ocean.  I like all of them for diferent reasons.

I enjoyed Fable 2 a lot. But unfortunately you gotta hit up the 360 for that. Unless *coughEMuLATORsCOUGH* 

Dark Souls.

  • FFIV, V, VI, VIII, X, and bellow them VII
  • Dragon Warrior I and VII, the only ones I've played so far
  • Golden sun
  • Mother fucking pokemon
  • MegaMan Battle network ALL
  • Paper Mario ALL
  • Mario bros super star saga and RPG, they have sequels that I haven't played yet that look good
  • EarthBound