Favorite Coffee Making Techniques/Machines

I personally use an AeroPress to make my coffee.  I fresh grind locally roasted beans then use the "upside down" method with the press.  Buying that thing is probably some of the best money I have ever spent lol.  I find it makes a much better coffee compared to a french press and is infinitely better than drip.  What is your favorite method and machine?

I have an aeropress, a Ibrik, a pourover, several french presses, a stove-top espresso maker, and a standard counter-top espresso machine. I plan on either sourcing a used/broken La Pavoni piston espresso maker, or making one from scratch, in the nearish future.

My favorite machine right now has to be the stove-top espresso machine; with the right coffee, it can produce an amazing americano.

I prefer an espresso cooker, the common cheap aluminium ones that go on the stove. I also use a full-auto espresso machine because of the added convenience of having a cup of coffee (ristretto or americano) in 15 seconds, but nothing beats the taste of the coffee from the traditional espresso cooker in my opinion.

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I had a french press that broke quite a while back, it did make some very good coffee though. Now I use a Keurig, because I don't have the patience for a battle with my coffee making implements.

I'm all for the counter-top espresso machine. By far the best I think. Bought myself an old one about a year ago, but it requires a lot of maintenance and is kind of falling apart. (Didn't have the ~1000 $ for a new one)

When I don't feel like taking the time preparing it with this massive machine I like using a classic moka pot (stove top). Have not tried the aeropress though.

French press or espresso. The press is super easy to clean and maintain, along with making just enough for three mugs.

Espresso machine is in my garage and is perfect for on the run energy. Just before getting into the car. I don't recommend an espresso machine unless you're an enthusiast and want to learn... or can pay a technician to tune it up every few weeks.

Love my french press, but today as I was cleaning I knocked it over and it shattered. Super sad. But, I've been meaning to get a new one, as well as some other machines anyway. 

I'm trying to decide whether to get a french press or an aeropress. It sounds like the aeropress is better-suited to making a greater amount of coffee than a french press?

French Press course ground light roasted beans steep for 5 minutes :)


French press FTW! I like my beans finely ground and steep for 4 minutes.

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You could just get a bigger french press but they are exponentially more expensive compared to smaller ones....and I just realized you necro'd the fudge outta this thread lol.

I have a moka pot, which I got for Christmas last year, and I've been lovin' it. Thankfully, my sisters boyfriend worked for Starbucks, so I get that stuff for free. But I really enjoy it. It's definitely one of the better gifts that I've gotten. I'd say most gifts are seldom used, but this I've been able to get a great drink every day.

If you really love coffee this is the way to go, all be it a bit of a pain in the ass. ( the coffee must be fresh)

I am spoiled as I work for a roaster.

wet the coffee filter before you add the coffee grounds, this helps the filter paper from absorbing too much of the oils in the coffee making it more flavorable.

And gets rid of the paper taste. You ever tried hand pour?

yeah when i was in seattle. pretty good. but im not a hipster over coffee.

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I've been rocking the aeropress right side up with pre-ground coffee (usually illy medium roast) I haven't invested in a decent grinder but maybe that will change soon? Either way I enjoy the cup of coffee I get!


This is how you get the best coffee in the world, use finnish coffee! :)

With the right coffee and a good grinder, all you need is an ibrik. I hope you like strong coffee though.