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Blog continuation minus crossposting

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Os I redid my server rack last night because I found something may better than what I was using before.

I’m gunna have something better for my printer to sit on, but I found a cart with infdnitely better castors on it so I yoinked it from the trash.

I’m gunna give up on this cisco lwitch and return it. I want the money. I’ll just have to go find a power supply for on 8 port one I have thats not too bad.

I have drives in the mail supposedly so shit’ll be running at some point. I want to get my firewoll up today though. That’ll be helpful.

And I put this thing in the window because our power bill is getting fucked with.

No more ac idea lol


Ya’ll manna kill some motherfucking mice

This is my poop read. But I’m gunna strat making a shit load of these for fun, and make modern improvements


Had to build this because of this

That is my 3900x, smashed. It came off on the cooler, and my partner made me jump when I was sliding it off and I dropped it.

Honestly my partner owes me 400 bucks I’m legit pissed but I’ll deal its ok I WON’T MURDER yet.

Its not like I worked my ass off for that fucking thing or anything


Totally not

But I have koga still nad I decided to stuff the shit out of it and now the inside looks like this.

My only issue is that I don’t have the 1066mhz fsb chip but I think that was like another grand for this machine nad only worth like 4% in gadns overall. Tho that may have been 925x nad not xe. Idk yet.

Gunna install linux to this, windows to the server, and inhome stream to this 8800gs. It’ll be memes.

I have a velociraptor for boot, some 40gb lamesung drive for swap, my 3tb wd green and a 1tb sshd for storage. I want to also play tarkov, so I’ll be looking into maxing inhome streaming work for that.

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Uh… Ok. I remember this having half gig dimms in it but apparently koga has 4gb of ram. That means I can actually use it for shit oh god

I had a sale on fucks

Yeah thithis is happening

For some reason

Fucking water cooled 1225 v2 I’m finna shid

Fucking now what

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Thinking about this.

Specifically thinking about running w2k on the XPS and tuning the dick out of it. Get it to be as fast as modern windows, and useable on the net. Mostly I just want to play fable and have a neat computer to listen to music with, but I bet something can happen here.

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Is there even a way to make Windows 2000 secure enough to be used with an internet connection? I mean this as a serious question, since I have no idea what you can do with an dated system like that.

Yeah. You can basically schlurp out the innards of any windows and inject it into 2k. Theres a modded w7 kernel that you can install for app compatibility.

Its stupid and I love it. Its like react OS but not garbo.

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It is surprisingly difficult to open an xps g4 and put a new battery in it.

Writing and unpacking an iso at the same time

Yeah I need liquid metal for memes and to get that 3.8ghz OC

I’m actually impressed with the performance of this laptop so far. Just 2.13ghz and it does ok. Rly want that super chip tho

Blog post for 7/19, birthday’s eve

Honestly I am trying to ignore that tomorrow is even a date and wanting to get past it. So I’m organizing my ram and looking ot pc builds I haven’t finished yet.

I have a lot of x16 ram in ddr2…

Also anyone know what the A1 or A3 stands for here?

also decided to pull this one out and give it o wrench. See whats what. D can see why it didn’t work before, I just put random ram in it. I musta been stoned as shit.

But the rest seems okish? Needs a better psu I think. Might go recycle center shopping for shitbox parts.

Moshly I don’t like the psu.

Also this mobo has hard wire overclocking via dipswitches so I might as well get shit correct.

Thi is better

So the mobo in my classic build kicks ass apparently.


After some wrenching I have reconfigured the drive setup in my desktops.

P4 XPS: 16gb mlc ssd (X1E, idk if model is gud, idc rly)
1tb sshd
40gb lamesung

Gamer: 500gb ssd from thinkpad

@GigaBusterEXE if you still have those X110’s, I want to buy a few and try out an msata boot, sata raid in my thinkpad…

And stuff my R510/equalogic

I need to get at that firewire nas. Almost all my computers are equipped now.

Just a few days ago I got an old HP Compaq, from around 2007-2009, with a CPU in a socket for my BSD endeavors. I upgraded it to 4GB RAM and also wanted to renew the ancient thermal paste, but after removing every single screw I still could not figure out how to take to top and bottom frame apart to remove the heatsink. It is the first time I can remember I had to capitulate taking something apart.

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7/20 eat my ass at least its tuesday thats the best gift ever.

Its like 420 but three times higher so you can’t reach it on the shelf

Anyways I’m at the van rn and the cops came. Its at a repair shop, spilled the beans on the van repair, got that cleared, I’m ok now. My webcam is in here, my good mac pro, my game consoles, all my cables and good laptop psu’s, hell my fuckirg rare ps1 games. Shit I would totally sell for money.

I’m stable enough now I want my hobbies back so I’m just spam setting stuff up so I have stuff to distract me and keep going. Hopefully I don’t use the mac pro an my gaming pc ond it can be the rendering hub I want it to be, but until then… :I

I’m getting to where I can operate on my random garbage and be happy with it. I think I literally just like 8 and a half generations in tech knowledge and just built an x470 based… Thing. I need to rescale. So I’m gunna build enthusiast pc’s from a then to now perspective and learn how shit works. When I m up to par, I’ll continue. Otherwise having that am4 system was kind of… Depressing. Not because it was bad, but because when I tuned it I no longer had any limits. Its like I had god mode in garrys mod and I ended up not wanting to use it, which surprised me.

I guess I need my computers to be rubiks cubes, idk.

Aryways I need to get out of this parking lot.

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I wish you a happy birthday :hugs:! I know I am just a stranger from the internet, and I do not know much about this, but from what you posted I got the impression that you are in the process of transitioning or at least plan to do this. I hope that all goes well and you find a lot of happieness during your journey.


I’ve been dealing with family acceptance and abuse issues basically all year. Def will have a chill day today.

Ty, you actually made me smile on a day thats almost killed me before.


Mmmm, so close

I also found a bottle of exotic pc cooling in the trash. If the trash truck crushed this they would have needed a new truck.



16gb of 2r4 ram a t1600
1225v2 water cooled so I con stream without lag now
Added an ethernet nad sound card because I don’t trust onboard, with my 480.

I’ve been in and out of both of these machines lo many times now I can do it fucking blind.

Post later when plugged in

Also fml I smell like a guy today

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I am sorry to hear this. I hope you can work out the issues with your family in the long run. The most important thing however is that you are happy in the end, because while you share your life with others, it is still your life.

On an unrelated note I wanted to point out, that I like what you and others on this forum have done recently with old hardware. I find it weirdly satisfying to let something like an up-to-date, bleeding-edge, Linux distribution, with all the latest advancements in software development, run on hardware that was made more than a decade ago. I don’t have the time to always comment on everything, but I watch, and have fun with what I am seeing! You also inspired me to get an old laptop with a socketed CPU for my adventure into BSD land.


The fucks ran so god damn dry it didn’t even pest so I had to get the big guns

The ever corporeal goonbag

Tte goon bits

Now before anyone says anything…

I’m using koga to do all my audio routes and the K2 should be hooked up to do some stuff. If I’m careful and somewhat stupid apparently I can make it think its 2 690’s. Mostly I just want both chips, so rly, whatever will make performance happen faster is what I want.

I also have 2 soundcards in koga, an audigy 2 zs and a soundblaster live +. The oudigy 2 does all the actual work during games and streams and shit, the other is there in case I need more routes and for its 25pin port. Koga will eventually be a fat client at my desk, eventually, but that takes work.

I’m tired I’m going back to bed

K so

Koga has 2 sound cards, 2 firewire controllers, one being on a sound card, o USB controller so I at least have 2 ports, and an 8800gs for anal vibration.

The mac pro has 2 gpu’s in it.

I have the audigy 2 fw hooked to the mac pro, and the fw card hooked up to the g4 (internet honestly). I am using the audigy 2 to do the srs audio shit, and the other card is o just in case. Goal is to be able to listen to music during streams ond have good audio, way to record audio separate from the pc, its just o good idea tbh.

Stare at that for o bit while I not buy a 3900x replacement


I have got a new iem cable in the mail and a nvme riser. I don’t wnt any limits ot my mac pro, and its probably going to be used for… Well, a while. Until I find something worthy of replacing it, or I can afford a talos 2.

But when I get that talos yall are helping me set up a windows vm to play tarkov because I won’t be fucking around.

Also I’m expiditing all of the tech out ef my hole, so anythitg yall teed I’ll probbly have available

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Working on my van some today.

I got pissed last night because my van sounds like shit. So, I ripped all sortsa shit out, including the mahogany wood light panels (for sale btw) then ended up discovering that basically the whole van is built with MOTHER FUCKING WOODSCREEWS and had the cieling fall on my head.

So, I also did this.

I put a support beam on each side and now the roof is rock solid. I expect I’ll need to do this in the front at some point.

Today I got pissed that my door speakern keep rattling, so I ripped one out, cut off the quick plug, went and found some 120w dinguses that I am preeeety sure are for a sports car, and did this.

Imma be driving around in a pair of kbear larks by the time I’m fucking done

Later edit:. Oh my god it sounds afucking ma ing in here.

Each speaker is otly mounted on one screw but it sits in a housing in the door panel. Eh whatever thats fine.

Bitch my van has motherfucking hifi levels of sound capability, I’m jazzed