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So ya’ll remember Koga. The Dell Dimension XPS that I bought a while ago on a whim. Well, I have done some upgrades to it and I have been waiting for the right time to put the work in, and now I think it has come. So, I wanted to share this little experiment with ya’ll.

Table of contents of post I guess (trying this out for organization sake)

1 - This post! Main content.

2 - Changelog

3 - Benchmarks, Specs, and Upgrades

4 - FAQ, OS Info, Software Info

D1: So here is Koga as shi stands.

Keeping the purple light on.

Found a good CD drive and a good DVD RW drive, I’ll call it square with that. CD drive is wired to SC1 I think?

The inside is sorta clean. I did my best, but I’m gunna change out a bunch of wires here and get a tiny cable snake in there, or a few. Just so its not so hectic.

PURPLE. Also the SSD has an LED on it, lol.

As of right now I am trying to figure out what operating systems I am going to want it to run. Since I only have so much boot space on the SSD, I have a need to either upgrade it, which seems silly rn, or prioritize one or two systems. Actually, I thought about busting up all my linux shit onto literally just the SSD, and have the important shit on individual partitions. So like, have all my bins dedicated on a partition on a hard drive so the SSD has more room, but then take stuff like var, or the kernel, and have those on the SSD. I don’t have money for upgrades right now, so this seems viable to me. If I can even just have like the kernel, my config files, and like refind on the SSD, I’m golden. I can use a velociraptor to handle windows boot, and I have a 1tb sshd for storage, that’ll do fine, whatever honestly.

Absurdly enough I want to build windows 11 for it. I want to AME a windows 11 image specifically for this machine with some tools already built in so I can either pxe boot it or just flash it whenever I need to when windows gets slow. Its a pentium 4 after all, its going to do that.

Past that, I’m struggling with if I want W98 or 2K, if I want DOS or not, and what linux I want on it. I think Void might be my only real option for real world use and up to date kernels, but there might be something else I could use. Don’t suggest gentoo I’m not using it. I’ve looked at puppy a bit, but I haven’t gotten it to solidly boot yet. If I could I’d just use that and not care, honestly. Really, I just need something to boot and give me UI access to JACK so I can route audio over the cards between devices, or pass through to my headphones. As well, I can record audio on a separate machine, and listen to music while I stream and not get copyright claimed.


I don’t know what I could use in windows for audio stuff. Mostly I wanted an older windows OS to be able to boot and run old games in. Its a powerful enough PC that I can play anything up to about fallout new vegas. Maybe just fallout 3. Problem is, I don’t have steam access like I used to for W2K, which is why I’m looking at W11 (as it has better performance than W10 kernel wise) So that’ll take some thonk, or a bit of cash to get some box games lol.

I’// probably also run Icaros OS on it and do work with that a lot of the time. If I can manage to get a pcie capture card, I want to build a capture PC for streaming and then I can even stream games off it lol. But, thats later.

ATM I am going to make a windows 2000 USB, and at the very least get the machine bootable. From there I can do some tests, try some overclocking stuff, and go from there.

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Specs of Koga

CPU: Pentium 4 3.2GHz | 800mhz FSB | 2mb cache
Ram: 4 X Kingston 1GB DDR2 DIMMs @667mhz (want to see if I can maybe OC them?, unsure atm)
GPU: XFX 8800GTS OC 678mb
Sound Card 1: SoundBlaster Live ZS2
Sound Card 2: SoundBlaster Live Audigy 2
Others: USB2 2 port expansion, FW400 port expansion,
Boot 1/Linux Fragments: QLC 16GB Industrial SSD
Boot 2 / Windows Crap: 1TB HGST SSHD
Bunk Drive: 40GB something or another drive
CD1: LG 52X, connected to SC1
CD2: Sony DVDRW writer, intended for copying images / writing disks for older machines

I’m using a microsoft natural ergo keyboard over PS2, have a bluetooth chip in a USB port, and FW on the sound card is able to be hooked up to a mac on the fly for better audio connection than a 3.5 jack.

Benchmarks, because… uh


1 - Why?

A - Well, for one I broke the audio cable on my razer keyboard, so I don’t just… have a passthrough anymore, but even more than that I want to listen to whatever music I want to when I stream and not have it go into the stream. So, this just makes it easy for me, honestly.

2 - Didn’t you waste money on this?

A - Yup. The machine itself cost me 200 bucks. I’m willing to pay another 150 for a dimension 670 board and the 800 watt power supply. Why? Think pentium 3 dual socket but horrible.

3 - Is this actually a good idea?

A - Depends. If you want more isolated audio without signal blur, sure.

OS’s Tested / Installed

Software Tested / Used

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