Faun's extra shit

Ok so I’m about to try to get my stack done. I want freenas, mycroft, and some other tools, some solid networking, and some solid ground to stand on. What I don’t want is the trim on the edges.

That where this comes in.

After I get off the toilet I’m starting to list shit on here. I have a few mobo’s, both new and retro, as well as some stuff in the middle, or ancient. That server and disk shelf of course, oh and maybe some cards.

I need to set up my tools and just guff the crap around it. I’ll keep some things for me, and I’ll try to keep what I’ll probably never see again, but I’m really just not feeling it for a lot of stuff.

@moderators unlist this pls

Thanks all, this’ll help.

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Reserved - server crap

Same Ps4000e - 120 half shipping

Same R620 - 550 plus shipping

Random workstation ram (8x 512 pc3200u, 2x pc2100R 512, 4x 512 pc2-4200u)

Tag for the 620

Reserved - workstation / fat / thin client crap

Lenovo TS140 with 16gb ecc and 1225v3 - 160 plus shipping

Emac g4 (1.0 ati fw400 10.5) - 50plus shipping - local preferred

G5 (case bent) 2gb 2x 2ghz 9650pro - 85 us shipping.

Currently have the disc driwe beisg used but if u want it I’ll throm it back in. of course

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Reserved - network crap




Reserved - desktop / laptop crap

Heat sink and a poe injector- 5 each

Reserved - whatever shit isn’t the stuff above

Yamaha kb (has midi) - 45 plus shipping

Dell charger and monitor stand - name a price


Listing procs today at some point

I’m sorta interested in the G5. Approx where are you located? I probably don’t want it bad enough to be worth the shipping costs.

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I’m in michigan.

If anyone was going to be interested in one, I was gunna build a modded 2ghz system for them. I’ll leave the ram and boot drives to you, but I have a series 2 lcs and sobe firmware upgrades. You wouldn’t be buying a stock G5.

Tho that’d take some time. Or I can send the parts with it. Open offer.!

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Hmm, quite distal from me unfortunately. The upgrades sound interesting, but I think I better leave this for someone more hardcore into Macs or PowerPC.


Yall gunna keep liking stuff or u buyin something come on man