Faun has issues and is bad at fixing things

So I got my van back fr the shop finally. However, my alternator seems to be going kaput. Fuck. Well, its a chevy, its always engine, then trans, then alternator on the new engine, then cooling, then brakes, then etc etc etc.

But I’m a lazy ass and instead of my alt making a solid 14.5, have 13.8, meh I’ll just attach another battery thats been charged and have a hookup lead for my jump box be somewhere in the cabin.

I don’t know what I’ll replace the alt with but I’ll probably look into a bigger one so I can have a solid charge circuit.

Heres the materials I have to use.

Spent the last few hrs looking for dead jumper cables. I don’t have a ringer tester so I’d have cut it in the middle and checked which clamp is dead tht way, but this is way better.

In fact I want to take the choke board (that probably works tbh) and build my own little jumper with it later on.

I don’t have big enough ring terminals on hand to go on my battery in the engine bay, so clamps and electrical tape will have to do. It’ll make the whole ordeal easier later anyways when I actually get it set up.

I have this monster copper cable that I have a spool of somewhere… But idk where. I don’t have any money rn so this is my lead. Its from MONSTER so its real copper.


Oh I have shrink tube as well.

So this is technically the hood of the engine. I’ll have to wiggle the cable thru and see where I can actually put the battery.

I want the cable to pop thru here, to the jump box, I’ll make some covers for the terminals (or hook the box up to the other battery I have) and then I don’t have to do the jump n check. It’ll just be easier on my body tbh.

More in a sec.

I hope this doesn’t catch fire… o.o

Spent way too long looking for my shrink tube…

Turns out I don’t dave big enough terminals. I’ll just clamp the wire down then, I don’t rly have another option.

What the shit am i actually doing oh god here we go

Started up first pull. I’m gunna go to the auto shop down the road and borrow a volt tester

You can just replace the brushes in the alternator as long as the commutator is good. It’ll cost you like $4

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Ok I have even figured out I DON’T have to pop the hood. This thing has a vortec 350 thats been pert polished in the last 4-6 yrs, I don’t wanna melt my cable I just made. I can route the cable into the fender, the bottom of the door, then I need to put it… Well somewhere. And probably cap the terminals if possible xD

Oooooo wait what?

How do

Can I make it output more than 14.5V? I was thinking of getting a big truck alternator and having a slightly larger battery system for cockpit power.

You want to look at amperage not voltage. Amperage is the “capacity “ of the alternator. You can add more batteries to handle spikes in your system draw or to create capacity for when you are not running the engine. You charging system however needs to be matched to your average load so that you aren’t overdrawing it on the regular.

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So something like this would be 220amps so as long as your constant load was less than that you should be fine. You want the alternator to be able to outpace your load so that way it can recharge the batteries not just float them.


I added a retard maount of speakers recently. 2 120w’s, 2 40w’s, a 60w, and a 5w. Would that pull too much? I have a switch to turn the back speax on and off, os I wouldn’t think so?

Also, I have a solar panel to yet attach to my second battery, which is now installed btw.

Ran the line under the floor panels.

Currently cleaning up so I can actually do more shit

In regards to the speakers that is peak load so your actual load will be significantly less. Especially as I imagine you aren’t blasting full volume all the time. It doesn’t even really matter about the speakers but rather the amp that is powering them. Whatever your amp is rated to will be the draw on the system. And again, it is a peak or max amp not a constant. It will change with your volume level.


Update, I’ve traced shit down past the fuel pump. I thought it coulda been that, or the alternator, nope. Its between a relay, the fusebox, and I’m changing the fuel filter (because I never did originally… Oops but its quick connects!!!)) Just in case. Its not that old of one, but I’m gunna change it anyways.

Also I might be lucky. I think the fuel pump is external to the gas tank. So, in the event I DO need to change it, I can.