Faun fixes their property up

So my parents are a mess. And equally, they make messes. As I have been cleaning this shithole property, I’ve gotten more and more pissed that theres random shit laying all over the yard that I could fix and make into something cool or repair and sell off for a good bit of cash, either via working vehicles, or parts.

I’ll post an image / some images here soon of the cars and tractors around here, but theres even stuff like… I wanna clean the barn, I wanna work on the fields some, I need to reset the grass in the horse pastures, that sorta shit. As I do all of this I’ll post, and I’ll even try to sell a car on here for memes.



Get in my hole bruh


Atyways heres some cars and how I gotta fix em slash whats being done with them

I hate this thing.

Needs a clutch, new brake lines, selling for 650

I love this thing, minus the cheese sauce color.

Getting a propane conversion, taking the bed off to mount cells on the frame, going to put a cage around the cells and a flatbed on top. Also cb and shortwave comms. Fuck it rite

I dunno I kinda just want to light it on fire tbh

This is my back up vehicle. I need to either scrap the engine out of it and convert the 4.3l rev E to a Rev D so it’ll work in my other blazer and report obd 1 nad 2 correctly to the computer, or I can fix the frame with a box kit. Both are a pain in the ass.

And I gotta do something about that…

I love this car. I want to fix the transmission so it can actually go down the road and rot fall out of second gear, make it not stall, and put a body on it with a new paint job. Sell as a classic reco. Few ten k would be nice.

My dd want sto make a trucktor with this because it has the 360 in it. The 380 is supposedly better.

I’m like ok bill, you n your dodge bullshit

I want my tractor back.

Needs to basically be replumbed and lomething about the carb. Don’t remember, gotta look.

I want this pile of shit off my property

This is what my mom should be driving. It smells horribly and needs to be checked over before made roadworthy in any capacity.

I want my dad to drive this and i want it out of my yard.

Cyl 3 is thrown, needs new lifhers, needs a clutch.

And then I need 3k to pay for my van which is in the shop.


I feel your pain. i was never allowed to invite friends over as a child or teen. My house was what could have been seen on american hoarders. but that has changed since i moved out. they sold the house for quite a bit regardless of the mess and left most of the stuff behind. I have had people over now every couple of weeks and largely that is because they left soo much stuff that i may call junk but they didn’t behind.

My sibblings were not allowed to invite their friends over either. very few family members ever visited. When we were being over paid and receiving less than half of our rated speed for internet i wanted a technician to come out to see what was up. we never had them come out because of the mess. so we were spending 120 for 400mbps and getting less than 100mbps for over a year.

i have put my foot down, they want me to live with them as they worry about my mental state. i told them that the hoarding has to stop. they have to seek counseling like i did for my schizophrenia but theirs is hoarding anxiety.

please keep us updated with the work you are doing. I did not want to derail but i wanted to say your situation and frustration is not uncommon.


At least I didn’t let it drive me crazy?

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it led me to partying which led me to my break. which led me to enlightenment, which leads me to say this. I regret my use of drugs quire a bit. I learned that being drugged with friends is not the same thing as being friends with people who are not drugged. Most of my partying phase is forgotten or blurred together. I understand why drugs are problematic for some people and not others. for me it was a problem that would set off a life long problem of mental illness for me. my other “friends” still smoke and i bet drink. Maybe less now but ill get a text from them every once in a while and we talk about stuff. but not drugs or alcohol or partying.

I don’t really party, I don’t have the social capacity for it. I started smoking weed for numbing the world out but its ended up helping with arthritis and I’ve cut back a lot. I almost tried acid but… eh, scared of it. I just wanna clean the place up before I leave.

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Good luck.

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