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Father's Day Gift Ideas



what i mean is, it doesnt go bad quickly and could be theoretically eaten over a longer period of time. not that that will happen ofc.


Sarcasm inbound:

How senile does ones father have to get before needing a food dispenser?

does it do a daily dose of medicine too?



The one I linked is for cats lol


I’m not sure it wouldn’t work for the elderly as well. :smiley:


seriously though, is one has dementia, the right pills for the time of day right next to the coffee machine/ teapot might be handy?
Just as long as one does not miss any, and over do any.

Okay, maybe the dangers out-weigh the benefits.


You’ve been playing too much Factorio.


surely it’s just an updated version of the old MTWTFSS boxes of pills with a grid of days vs times, with the right meds in the right pot?


Looks like a pretty good razor, but you can’t wrong with a good double edge kit. Face feels like a gabazillion bucks after.


So true. I’ve recently switched from a straight to a safety razor and it’s so much easier. No more stropping, honing and intense care of the blades, just shave and done.


I agree with you there. Straight razors are so great, but require more effort and I’m too lazy for that now a days haha.


I had an idea for anyone with a trekkie dad. I believe @wendell has one of these in the office. You can still find them on eBay and amazon.

They’re a little expensive, perhaps, but nonetheless charming. Or alternatively, to quote Wendell:

It makes me feel better when I’m angry.


Shower your dad with love and give him something you’ve created / made / put effort into. These are the most wonderful gifts of all.


Well thats sad to hear, I thought that it would be easier solution to have straight razor

These razors are like oldschool batteries and I’m at least using the last remaining one for way longer than I should, its just like running out of those damn batteries and trying to turn it around if it just works another 2 seconds :roll_eyes:

Machine it is then :man_shrugging:t2:


It depends. Do you have the extra 5 minutes in your schedule? I get about 2-3 weeks on a single blade since I don’t shave every day and I also have a high tolerance for dull blades. So the disposable blades are fine for me.

RE: the maintenance of a straight, it’s definitely work, but if you’re doing it for more than just a quick shave, you’ll be satisfied. It’s still the best shave I ever got, so I keep mine around and I’ll shave about once a week with one.

Regarding the blades, they’re significantly less waste than a “modern” razor and they’re 100% recyclable. The only danger is that you need a proper blade bank to send them away in since they’re a biohazard and they risk people getting injured.


My razor is about 6 years old with no signs of wear (It will probably outlive me). I buy 100 razor blades every 2 years and I buy a bowl of soap roughly every 6 months.

@Dynamic_Gravity Much cheaper than a 16 pack for $30



I like those accessories, don’t care for straight razors though.


Why not?

Edit: You said straight razor, which this is not. It’s just a single bladed razor that uses standard razor blades rather than expensive proprietary multi-bladed heads (which there is no advantage to having multi-bladed razors anyways).



Maybe when I’m old or have the time to spend, until then I prefer disposables.


They are disposable. No maintenance required.

I can’t believe there’s a video for this.


Dude, you should try a safety razor. It will change your life. You’ll leave the bathroom feeling like the emperor of earth. Your colleagues will not be able to handle the quality of shave. You’ll also have a new method of saving money. Like @trexd said, 100 blades last 2 years, and they’re dirt cheap.