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Father's Day Gift Ideas



I mean, I guess so.

Would you believe that he already has one? He’s basically got an entire machine/woodworking shop in one half of the garage. (I am only minorly salty about this because I can’t park in there, but I can machine heads and cylinders when I warp them from overheating my poor engine)


Have you tried Chocolate or Wine?

At the end of the day, sometimes a no is just “more wine, then yes”




Oh boy.
Well then.
Does he have a good flash light? LED Lenser makes some really nice ones.


I was being facetious. I guess it doesn’t translate that well, huh.


Did not compute. Sorry.


Ehh, some people actually think that’s how you get laid, so I can definitely understand the confusion.

Anyways, I’m really tempted to get that fire-shooter thing for my dad. Might have to see if my brother wants to go in on it though, it’s a bit more than I was hoping to spend.


I just like wine, bro.


Regular. His old one did not work well and he has had it for 4 years so I figured he was due for an upgrade.


Straight blade with 5 cm diameter round gauge.

  • Weight - 952 g
  • Length - 122 cm with the grip
  • Centre of gravity - 40 cm from the top of the pommel

39,95 €




Please enlighten me, when is fathers day?
Ima blame de drugs man…


@Dynamic_Gravity was this your idea to help finish me off and put me in the grave?

LOL! I kid. I kid. : S

Eh it will be a tough day for me in some ways but hope it will be great for other fathers out there. Early Happy Father’s Day to them. LOL!

As for Level 1 Techs doing a video special for that day it is a good way they could also push their swag on people to raise money for the company so they should do it. : )


beef jerky and other edibles that are both delicious and last a while


I kinda stopped trying a few years ago with physical gifts. If my dad ever wants to do something we’ll go out and shoot stuff with shotguns for like 2 hours.



…I buy my parents stuff all year round, don’t need a special day for it .


Wine = yes. Buying two bottles at the same time.
chocolate = sometimes… (every so often… when she gets chocolate… she’ll ask… “why you want to get me fat?”)


I bought this for my parents a few months ago, and they love it. The app works great too. My dad likes being able to feed them remotely.


Beef jerky lasts? My goodness they don’t give much in the first place per dollar. When I ever get this from someone or on the extremely rare occasion I buy it I plow through it.


That’s what I got my Mom for Mother’s Day. She loves them. :smiley: