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Father's Day Gift Ideas



It depends. Do you have the extra 5 minutes in your schedule? I get about 2-3 weeks on a single blade since I don’t shave every day and I also have a high tolerance for dull blades. So the disposable blades are fine for me.

RE: the maintenance of a straight, it’s definitely work, but if you’re doing it for more than just a quick shave, you’ll be satisfied. It’s still the best shave I ever got, so I keep mine around and I’ll shave about once a week with one.

Regarding the blades, they’re significantly less waste than a “modern” razor and they’re 100% recyclable. The only danger is that you need a proper blade bank to send them away in since they’re a biohazard and they risk people getting injured.


My razor is about 6 years old with no signs of wear (It will probably outlive me). I buy 100 razor blades every 2 years and I buy a bowl of soap roughly every 6 months.

@Dynamic_Gravity Much cheaper than a 16 pack for $30



I like those accessories, don’t care for straight razors though.


Why not?

Edit: You said straight razor, which this is not. It’s just a single bladed razor that uses standard razor blades rather than expensive proprietary multi-bladed heads (which there is no advantage to having multi-bladed razors anyways).



Maybe when I’m old or have the time to spend, until then I prefer disposables.


They are disposable. No maintenance required.

I can’t believe there’s a video for this.


Dude, you should try a safety razor. It will change your life. You’ll leave the bathroom feeling like the emperor of earth. Your colleagues will not be able to handle the quality of shave. You’ll also have a new method of saving money. Like @trexd said, 100 blades last 2 years, and they’re dirt cheap.


Ahh, I was incorrectly thinking of the single blade thingy.

@trexd thanks for the clarification.


People are generally surprised at how sharp the blades actually are compared to the multibladed systems and the cost benefit.
The emperor of earth bit is a classic. So true. Also comes down to prep and soap vs cream. The canned gels and foams are terrible. A decent brush with some nice sandalwood cream, or similar, makes all the difference. Depends on the skin type of course.


I do prefer the feeling of cream over foam gel.


You’re one step to the best shave in your life. Try a double edge after a nice warm up of the face. You’ll feel like you can conquer the world and will never look back.



Maybe we should start a ‘Shaving Best Practices: Corner’


If you can find the most amazing shave you’ll ever have, you’ll have no problems recommending it to other to buy for their fathers.


I like Col Konk’s bayrum.

Only lasts about 3 months, but at the price, it’s hard to argue that.

I’d be happy to do a couple how-to guides.

How to undo your neckbeard


Is there a gift I can give my father to receive unconditional love? And or something he will actually use. I bought him a nice electronic razor last year to help him reduce his use of those bick double headed razors and in his own words, “I don’t trust it.”


Spend time with him. Take him out to lunch, go hiking, do something together with him to show that you love him.

People forget that it’s not about the things we buy each other, but the time we spend together.

I have no idea what to buy my dad, so I’m detailing his car and taking him hiking on Sunday, considering he’s not had a whole lot of time to spend with family lately, I think he’ll appreciate that.


I used to use that but Proraso comes with a bowl and I’m too lazy to melt Col Konks into a bowl.


Oh, I just cut it in half and it’s more usable without melting.


That’s why they pay you the big bucks :wink: Never thought of that.


If only. It’d be soo much easier to get through the day if I were to just go around cutting things in half. Also cathartic.