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Father's Day Gift Ideas



Was wanting to know if L1 would do a video about Fathers’ Day, similar to that of Mothers’ Day?

Also, if anyone else has any nifty idea’s they’d like to share feel free to post it here.

I ordered one of these for my father last year, and this year I’m hooking up my uncle. We all love using them.


I am gifting my dad a metal folding rule. Is about the only tool he does not have…


Lol, same. My dad’s got a garage full o’ tools.


Decided to pin this.


Got my dad wireless earbuds for this Father’s day.
Jaybird X3s


Nice! How do they sound?

Edit: these?


Fitbit for my old man.


I love em, a plus with them is you can pair up to 10 devices with them and there is EQ software on android for it.




Is it too much to ask for the mother/wife to " put out"?


I got my dad a new printer.


Regular or 3D?


@Dynamic_Gravity We should retitle this to: Thanks for reminding me! Edition.

On topic, what do you get the man who has everything? (serious question, my dad is impossible to shop for)

Might be. Not a bad idea though. If you’re asking in regards to yourself, just say “I love the kid(s) we have already, let’s do it again!”


Asking for a friend, are we?


I will gift a metal folding rule.

The other idea I had were importing this one:


… the boy who cried wolf… She aint falling for that anymore


I got you fam.


This will be so good, but I’m worried about when he and my mom get in a fight…


It’ll be like harry potter