Fatal wd drive issue?

hi I am looking to get the http://www.amazon.co.uk/4TB-Book-Duo-External-Storage/dp/B00L90DWUA/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 to back up my storage

however I found out this post that maybe suggests a fatal flaw with the system

what do you guys think? Should I get it still, I mean how likely is the enclosure to fail?

the enclosure is more likely to fail if it gets beaten around alot.

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Yeah thats what I thought, its unlikely to break but its a scary idea considering the ill conceived encryption implimentation.

what do you think? yay or nay?

The problem is, that the electronics in the enclosure are prone to failure as every other electronic too. And as it does hardware AES and you (I assume that now) can not access the key that is used for the operation you can not decrypt the data if the chip in the enclosure fails, as each enclosure (god it hope!!) has its very own key.

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Why don´t you get a MyCloud like this one for backing up data?
Or if you have a tower a hot-swap bay and internal drives when you need to back something up?

Depends how much you are willing to spend to be honest.

Chances are the drives inside will just be regular consumer drives too, but with RAID1 there is less chance of data loss. Personally, I'd give it a miss.

I'd rather buy an empty enclosure and add my own drives to it (WD RED or HGST) drives to it.

Purchased a LaCie 2Big TB2 6TB enclosure, one drive died within about 2 months (Seagate urgh!) so replaced them both with WD RED 3Tb drives. All running happily now but doing it again, I'd go for a Drobo.

no they are WD red NAS drives, they are very good

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I dont want my data Networked attached, i need to access it very fast on the fly and am not willing to spend £500+ on building my own nas in order to get acceptable speeds

each one does have its own yes

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Than that is the reason why your data is "lost" if the enclosure dies; AES still is not broken if not weakened with a bogus, or predictable key.

A feature where one could copy the key onto a USB stick (passoword protected) would be a work around, as than the data could be still decrypted. T

This is actually a problem with every "encrypted" drives; Those my passport stuff, that single ext. hdd thats encrypted has the same problem; The actual AES key is hardcoded... so if it dies the HDD can be fine.. data still stuck as encrypted gibberish.

I fully understand why the drive would be useless in the case of this, really I am asking is should I be concerned? if so do you know any similar non networked enclosures that are good (encryption not needed at all)

Do you need raid or more jbod mode?

After reading that I wouldn't got for that solution even if I get paid to use it. Why not buy a little Odroid UX4 and connect to it two drives to the USB3s ports? You'll get a decently fast NAS, consuming a lot less power than a PC, Linux based and the board costs only 74£.

If you have important info to store, if you store it only on an external, you're an idiot. It's like people who think storing shit on their phones. The point of the external is to move data with you. The encryption is to stop the wrong people from gaining access to that data. Always have a backup

I have at no point told anyone what this is for thanks.

I fully understand what I'm doing with my data.

No realy need for raid, JBOD is just a good for my use

Not sure I trust my data to a raspberry pie look alike... want something more sophisticated tbh just an all in one unit

I get what you mean when you say that you want an'all-in-one unit but why you don't trust a solution like that? All the consumer grade NAS you can buy out there are made with something like a Raspberry Pi, or even less powerful.

No personal experiance with this product but a google found a lot of bad press about them for me. Might be worth looking deeper.


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I guess your right and im sur ethey are all based on a similar concept, I did have 2 Rasbbery pi's not that recently the new version and original and they both fried under 24/7 usage as a basic NAS with a single drive connected, and I wasn't even using them heavy just pulling some music off of them every now and then, I even put a heatsink on the second one, I guess now I would rather be in the consumer bubble of faith in a black box ;)