Fastest way to convert Fraps files?

specs: i7 3930k , gtx 680 , and 16 gb ram @ 1600mhz


When I convert a video with handbrake At lossless quality @ 30 fps a 13 minute video takes around 20 minutes to convert :/ 

lowering the quality settings only gets me around 2 - 3 less minutes.

Any way to make it convert faster / a better program for it?


sony vegas with opencl. bya  little bit.a 2:1 ratio of render to video time is about right.

avi files recorded straight from fraps won't open in sony vegas?

What codec are you using?


I use Adobe Premiere. Works well with lossless fraps video, converts pretty quick...

Handbrake is good/fast. Having on mind codec and compression ratio, i doubt any program will do much better job than Handbrake.

If you install Fraps after Vegas, the codec should be automatically added to Vegas. If not google where you can download them and how to patch them in manually.

As far as quality goes , nope. BUT if it would use my gpu that would be awesome 

Google search "step by step guide on how to convert and compress fraps video to avi mp4 wmv with fraps converter" to find the solution.

I already know how to convert the files, just want a faster way than handbrake 

Just try this, maybe it will faster than handbrake