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NVMe raid: What do you need to know about it on current platforms? If Apple computer is adopting it as standard in iMacs, does that mean it's the new normal?

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I want an iMac so much now

Really dig the new (updated old one I guess?) set.

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I’d like to know about recover options. Also speed differences between this and hardware raid.

The drives are likely soldered to the motherboard though.



I forgot that Apple likes to do that.

I could not help but notice @wendell, is one of your monitors permanently on hackertyper on your personal rig?

One place that intel’s 1151 socket nvme raid does work well is with multiple cheaper drives that target 2x lanes instead of 4x… like the new 660p. You could have two 2TB 660p’s in raid 0 and probably not be missing anything performance wise.

You’d also be halving the downsides of the 660p, because you’d have to write twice as much before the caching runs out and they’d wear down at half the normal rate.

I’d be interested in seeing how two 2TB 660p’s perform compared to a single 2TB 970 evo.

In your ad spot for Asrock you mentioned multichannel SMB. Out of curiosity do you ever play with NFS or other Linux file transfer solutions?

So buy 1 TB and be done with it :wink:

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Yep .

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A friend of mine says he’s running it via an EVO 970 but not in RAID. He’s a big fan of older operating systems. I wonder what his reaction will be when he discovers you can’t run Win 7 on NVME.

Eh I doubt soldering on new imacs because of the imac pro and the Mac pro (2013) having removeable storage… Eh I doubt but I’ve been wrong sorely before about apple

It’s worse than that. The t2 chip marries two SSDs to the motherboard, in raid 0. It’s fubar if you try to change anything.


eek i hope the mac minis don’t get this down the road i like them for their low power use …

they have a t2 chip its why you can’t linux on the new mac minis


i just hope this counts at legal drm breaking for continuing normal use… hope this is figured out soon to undo apple’s crap

I can see the new mac mini with the continuing death wish raid FTW speed is a thing. It’s a good point to buy a backup external storage product from apple.

But give a good user experience that is super fast. Normies dont realize raid 0 is risking data lose. That’s what icloud is for.

No open source support for the T2 chip is tactical from apple. Im sure the apple laptops will be Axx chips soon and intel is over. Dual core machines. Poor graphics.

There is some vega version that was not even announced I think.

Das ist oglee!