Fastest Phenom II x4 OC's

so it seems a lot of us use the phenom II x4 chip here (or have used the chip) which gor me wondering-

who has ramped their chip to the highest validated clock?

I've managed 4.2 ghz on a 965 BE ( with a load temp of 62c and an idle of 29-32c (Load Line Cal enabled) using a Frio OCK and Tuniq TX-2 thermal paste. but I'd like to know what your best is on any of the Phenom II x4's, clockspeed, load temp and idle.
I guess the real question is- has anyone beat me yet?

You are doing well, I think the average on air for Phenom II's is about the 4Ghz mark.

I normally run my Phenom II X4 955 at 3.8 GHz, with an Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 and Arctic MX-4 it runs nice and cool at max 25 °C above room air temperature, but the AMD OverDrive Autotune was still ramping up clock speed at 1.5V and less than 55°C at 4.1 GHz when I stopped it, so there is definitely more headroom there, but that's with a 955 of course, it is to be expected that it has more overclocking headroom than a 965. AMD OverDrive doesn't stress-test that radically, so I think I would definitely watercool above 4 GHz, I would not feel comfortable running Prime95 at 4 GHz on air cooling or a prefilled watercooler, but for gaming I think 4 GHz on air cooling is still reasonable, even Crysis 3 MP only loads the CPU to about 50 %, oddly enough that's about exactly the same maximum CPU load as on my 3770k. Someone I made a 955 based gaming system for, doesn't overclock and uses the stock AMD cooler master CPU cooler, and still the core temp doesn't go above 47°C in the sun when playing crysis 3.

Haha, in case you guys were wondering how hot the chip can get and still function, my friend is having issues with his cpu cooler (its arm clamp is jammed and wont move) and is still able to play games at 95C at 1080p.

He's been running at that temp for about 4 months now and hasnt seen any issues. So you guys still have a ton of overhead to push to like 4.8Ghz or so XD

Tj is 89°C, the chip will not allow more, it shuts down at that temp. 95°C must be a measurement anomaly. The chip will actually start to throttle way before 89°C.

I'd say he has a bad Tprobe too. damage occurs to the deneb architecture @ 90c (around 195f) so at 95c constant? his computer should have died ages ago.

lol i keep it at stock, my temps are already too high

I got my Phenom x6 to


The voltage readings were wrong in this validation, though. 


phase-change cooling? or LN2?

Right now Im on stock Air cooling and running at 3.910 stable without heat issues.