Fastest IOPS per $: real need

I watch all the IOPS videos: 80 million iops, 3 million per cpu, etc.
I need to build a machine that is not expensive and has high iops.
Use case: write logs and chat messages at faster than 1 million TPS, ideally millions of iops via sqlite and influx db.
So ideas: TRX80 + a lot of pcie 4 m.2 is one idea, w linux 5.15.
Right now I get about 80K inserts per second in sqlite on samsung 980 w/ ryzen v3 and linux 5.11, as I have not purchased the new box. suggestions?

post what you have.

how you tested.

run some of the tests wendell has to compare your setup to his

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Where can I find Wondel’s tests please?

search the forum for topics created by him

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