Fast Lanes Exist

Tom Wheeler is said that fast lanes dont and wont exist. Tell me how this is true then? We know Comcast has throttled people's internet, capped their monthly bandwidth allowance and had netflix to pay them to not throttle the netflix connection. Is this not what Tom Wheeler said wouldn't be permitted by the FCC?

The article states: 

Young previously told CNET, "We can't just snap our fingers and the network is upgraded. We need new facilities. We have to do the equipment engineering. Build it and test it. We are doing all of that right now. And it should be completed during this year."

I don't know for sure, but I think they have the infrastructure already and had it to provide the throughput immediately. They might be doing this to get paid and not play. They gave a date for play time, but it isnt until later this year. They receive more money from bother their consumers and netflix. It isn't like they are trying to cache the video in their network, they aren't in the open connect program. They can provide fluid access to gaming, but not netflix? Games take up more in and out at one given time than netflix does.

Thanks for the incite via the newest episode of The Tek. 


Update: FCC is now investigating this fast lane, which will more than likely not be able to do anything about it.