Farm Hack

Hey guys, I'm an organic farmer who also happens to know a bit about computers. I just wanted to share a website with this community. It's called Farm Hack ( ) and it's a website where innovative farmers, students, techies, etc can share their inventions that make farming/gardening easier or faster. I like hearing logan and wendel talk about evil monsanto, but it would be cool to have this community help out with farm hack if anyone wanted. One of my favorite farm hack posts is an arduino greenhouse monitoring system .



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Welcome to the forum! Stuff like Farm Hack is incredibly interesting to me - thanks for the link :)

Hey Jesse, thanks for sharing the website!  

In return, I thought I would let you know of a site I use for many of my community driven hacks and ideas.  You might have heard of  I know of at least ten recent posts on the site related to your field.  Sorry if you already knew about it, you're welcome if you didn't! 

Cheers for the post, I'm a farmer too, well at least I work part time. On silage at the moment.

cool, thanks