farcry3 fps

I hope anyone has an explanation for this (not that I'm complaining), but when I play farcry3 on uber settings (no vsync) on 1080p I get an average fps of 75.

now, I'm running on an msi gtx 680 Power Editon and an intel 3570k on stock settings.

when I watch one of those fancy tiny tom logan reviews I see he only runs 30 fps to 40 fps...which is pretty damn horrible and...to be honest, very what-the-fuck-that-sucks worthy. 

so does anyone know why this is? or tell me your fps, so I can compare. 

If you are running an MSI GTX 680 Power Edition, then it is going to be faster than the GTX 680 Logan is using if I am not mistaken.  He's using a stock EVGA if I'm not mistaken, which means that he is operating at 900mhz'ish...while your card is 10% faster.  

And if you are OC'ing your GPU then...yeah, that would also have an impact.   

For giggles I went ahead and disabled V-Sync to see how my 680 SLI setup would handle Far Cry 3 without the cap, I was getting between 83 and 120FPS...so it would seem your numbers are accurate.  Happy Gaming!

ahh that explains. and I think he was using a 7950 in his farcry3 video

Logan's video was a 670. But still, I have a friend with a 670 and 3570k who gets around 60 fps pretty much all the time. Digging around through youtube videos, it seems that a lot of people get 60 with that combo, and a lot get 30, and I never could figure out what they were doing differently. Given that, I've been assuming Far Cry 3 is a somewhat unreliable benchmark.

What speed RAM were the people using who got 60 fps compared to those whot only got 30 fps?