Far Cry: Primal Launch Day Problems. Are We Surprised?

So, out of curiosity, I though I might pick up Far Cry: Primal as it seemed to look pretty interesting. As it turns out, maybe I'll wait a while.
I looked at the reviews on Steam real quick, and it appears that many people are getting launch errors when trying to open up the game. Some people seem to have gotten lucky, but most seem to have had some of the following:

-activation issues
-start up loops and error codes that prevent the game from opening properly
-firewall issues that won't allow the game to run even when the firewall is disabled for those applications
-language in game is Chinese, Russian, or some other language that's not native to the user
-graphical glitches (floating facial hair and clothes, people and animals not rendering, etc)

One person even claimed the game was "poorly optimized" and another said it looked like a "slide show". So the only thing I gather from that, is that the game might not run well on older hardware (as of right now).
I also observed that many people who were writing negative reviews had also pre-ordered the game (People, please stop pre-ordering stuff.)

What do you guys think of all this? Ubisoft sure isn't doing themselves any favors...

Exactly what you said...

It feels like we're going down the same bullshit early access shit but with preordering.

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I personally find it unacceptable that companies as large as Ubisoft can screw up so much, so often. Some bugs I can accept due to the immense amount of content... but come on. The game won't even open.

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Ubisoft always do this too, they throw all of their budget at marketing and use their preorder user base as a bunch of testers that THEY pay the cost of the game (+ preorder tax) to Ubisoft.


Not only is it launch day shit but watch some of the reviews... It's like far cry 4 but they took a ton of stuff out and replaced it with nothing.


Yeah, I'll be waiting for the sale.

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I won't even be doing that much, I'm not even going to bother playing, gameplay footage i watched was so miserably repetitive it's pathetic. I'd pay 3 dollars maybe.

I'm going to throw something out there, feel free to agree or disagree.

Video games are massive pieces of software where lots of things can go wrong resulting in poor performance or outright breakages. While I agree that we shouldn't have any of these issues when a game is released, it is inevitable as games get larger and more complex. One way this could be alleviated is extensive user testing before release, which some manufacturers do, while others don't. There was a reason why Microsoft released Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 as beta software, it was so they could then test it with actual users and get most bugs worked out on day one. The games industry doesn't seem to do this on a consistent basis and I think it should be done more.

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FarCry? I do not care about the games.

I expect games to be 95% finished on release. So failure is an option (as it always should be) but it has to be minor and not result in more than 200MB day-one patch.
Release dates are difficult. Just ad one month to what ever you estimate. If it is done early, release it. If it is a mess, you still have time.
Most important point: If you distribute online: GET SOLID SERVERS! Rent some if your company has hamster-power servers! Is that so damn hard? (I buy 3 months after release on physical copy except for Blizzard games as I will buy and play it anyway for some strange reason)

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Good point, but I feel like games can't really release too much too soon or else the hype is lost.
Although we are agreed on the fact that launch failures should not happen.

I don't care much for the games either, I was just interested in how they were gonna pull off the primitive feel without being ridiculous or repetitive.
I also don't care if the game needs a day one patch, because obviously there is going to be unforeseen issues. But nothing that renders the game completely unplayable.
I do agree that release date hold more importance than they should.
The bottom line is that the game needs to be playable (at least) when they release it.

Testing a story driven game would be difficult. Maybe there just needs to be more internal testing with more configurations. I wonder if staged game releases could be a thing.

Runs totally fine on my Fury, I think its mostly Nvidia owners that are having performance issues atm. But got the game half off with a few coupons on GMG.

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Not surprised at all.

Also this is what Far Cry has become WTF? Its meant to be about tropical islands gone to hell with mercs/pirates/mutants/etc... They should just give it another name because its completely different.

I used to like Far Cry, but they have killed it.


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Looking at the steam reviews, 95% negative feed back.
Oh ubisoft, big gaming corps never changes.

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what did you expect its a cut down version of far cry 4 that lacks dev time and was rushed out the door to be a cash grab.

Most games have turned into a cash grab... its awful.