Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon trade?

I have 2 copies of farcry 3 Blood Dragon to trade.

I wouldn't mind trading with someone who has Battlefield 3 in the Humble Bundle deal or any other interesting games.

star wars battle front 2?

Sorry I have it on PS2.

What I want is more of the latest titles e.g. Battlefield 3.

I have a key for BF3 that I don't think I gave away, I'll PM it to you. If it works then I'd be glad to take Blood Dragon off your hands. If it doesn't work then I have 3 other games (C&C: Red Alert 3, Populous, Medal of Honor 1).

Ok apparently I can't PM you, what's your e-mail?

Its a steam code....

Steam? Legendary Bruce. And the Blood Dragon code is off the UbiSoft Store

Invite sent.

I have some steam codes from the humble bundle.

Add me on Steam and we can discuss.

Ok just a sec.

I sent the invite.