Far cry 2 & Fallout 3

damnit, why delete the one with the info in it and leave the one which is specified delete =/

now i have to type everything again!! >_>

ok, I have 4 games on preorder

far cry 2 (preorder + collectors has lots of stuff in it)

fallout 3 (collectors edition, has bobble head, sound track, and metal lunch box)

saints row 2 (initiation pack, lots of goodies =/)

Little Big Planet (preorder comes with kratos)

all predorder, and all but LBP are collectors editions

the thing is i want to get far cry and fallout on steam, and i think i dont want saints row 2 and little big planet. I have a 24 inch monitor for my pc and ps3 that both play full HD, and steam is cheap. what do you think i should do?

keeping in mind I don't want to dl either of the games since i like bethesda and ubi.

You should do a barrel roll.

Buy the games//Add non-steam game//?????//Profit

oh, forgot to mention on this one, all those preorder games are on ps3. and the prices are

far cry 2 - $130

fallout 3 - $130

saints row 2 - $150

Little Big Planet - $100


far cry 2 - $55

fallout 3 - $70

and i have to get one game at ebgames, since they only trade for store credit i think.

do a barrel roll

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id say get fallout 3 from steam much much cheaper

farcry 2 wasnt that great

you kidding me?

i LOOOVE fc2 lol

I still have to get at least one game for ps3, otherwise i would have store credit just sitting there =/.

with the money I already payed I'd get $110

So yea, do you think its worth to get far cry 2 for ps3 or something?

I'd probably get far cry 2 for steam with fallout 3 anyway.

No barrol rolling

Left 4 Dead & CoD5

How can I sign up for CoD5 Beta?

Fuck, I wanna buy FC2 too...

As of now im downloading it lul. This Razor crack better work...

if you have a good pc idk why you would even consider getting farcry2 or fallout 3 for ps3

wanted to before, but then this was before i had the pc, and i put them on layby

not sure but my friend keeps saying that far cry 2 would be better on ps3.

but they're both gun games so yea im not sure

i have to at least get one game, because ebgames has store credit if you take money off it or something right?

on the ps3 i got the collectors editions lined up, but if i get them on pc they're steam prices

Razor rocks.

Downloaded FC2 on scenereleases, 19 dwnload links lol...

Deciding a game is as easy as this: