Far Cry 2 Benchmark Scores

post a screen shot of your average graph, your system specs, and game settings. not necessarily in that order.



[u][b]system specs:[/b][/u]

[b]Processor:[/b] 6400+ X2 @3.2Ghz

[b]Memory: [/b]2gigs g.skill

[b]Video card:[/b] 8800GTS (G92)

very nice

y cant u pick dx10?

maybe he doesnt have vista, or the dx10 for xp?

what is this vista you speak of?

also i want more benchers! i need something to compare to.

sry clown, forgot about dx10 and xp...

when i get the game i'll post a bench


I play on DX9 Ultra High and it's great. No lag whatsoever.


thats a list of 17 different video cards benched on FC2.


this games really not that bad as far as system requirements, i play on 1680x1050 on ultra high with directx 10 and it doesn't ever lag.

my benches