Not quite sure where to post this so I guess I'll just post it here. 

I've got a prodigy. 

The Bitfenix fans are awful CFM/Db wise, despite what the box says. 

Since I can't trust the what the box says can someone recommended 120mm fans (I need 5).That have good CFM for pushing air and are as quiet as posiible. I would just go noctua except I care about aesthetics.

Any recommendations would be awesome. I would prefer them to be cheap and look good (ie no strange colours). 

If you could show me where I can get them in the UK too, that would be great.

How cheap is cheap? If you're in the UK, though, I would look into Fractal Desing Silent R2 series 120mm case fans - they are surprisingly silent, and have decent CFM.

Pretty sure you picked up an ASUS mobo? Use fan xpert 2 to benchmark the fans and set profiles. The fans won't even turn on until you're using 50% of the CPU, and even then, it won't be THAT noticeable. Made a HUGE difference with my stock 200mm fans.

Cheap would be under £10 each although a bit more couldn't hurt. I like the look of those fractal fans, I'm just doubtful of case companies ability to produce decent fans.

I was considering buying some SP and AF 120's, but again I just doubt corsairs ability to make decent/silent fans.  

If you can vouch for the silence of the Fractal ones though; @£6 each; I cant go wrong in trying them out at least.  

Hm, I do lol, I went and grabbed the Impact.  I don't have any storage devices yet; scan ran out of the 2 SSD's I ordered. Hence I can't try this because I have no OS installed. I will most likely replace these fans anyway and then do that, seems like the best of both sides.