Fans not recognized

I just updated my system to 12700k and Asus prime z690 wifi d4 mother board. I’m not seeing the fans recognized in the bios and there not spinning up. the only fan that is working is the one that is connected to the aio pump header is this a known problem to anyone? I haven’t updated the bios yet since I’ll have to go to a friend’s House get a solid connection. Could that be the issue ?

Are they connected correctly? Are they definitely PWM fans? I’m assuming you are connecting them to the SYS_FAN headers scattered all over the board.

Yes they are four pin pwm. there noctua 140s, I’m about to do some trouble shooting. I think there not coming on because I have the aio plugged in and they are plugged into the CPU fan header bout to check. then order a new case and power supply for wire management . the connections are badly place in my opinion.

Also if that’s the case I’m going to laugh.

It was exactly that :joy: I rele shouldn’t be trying to build a PC and trouble shooting with less than four hours of sleep after school and work.thank you so much for not telling me I’m …challenged…

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