Fans needed for rackmount 5950x + 6900xt

I just built a rackmount 5950x + 6900xt. The GPU was so long I had to remove the center fans from my rosewill chassis. But also I got the chassis with only two front 120MM fans instead of three.

Right now I have 2 industrial noctua fans in the front and 2 80mm arctic cools in the back.

But my issue is that it is loud! Could I go down to a lower fan that doesnt run so loud or shoud I change my chassis out to the 3 front fan Rosewill and then go down to a lower fan?

Did you try making up a place holder, and put 2-3 fans back into the centre? Like, prototype with some cardboard, then when you got it, cheap Perspex or something?

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Smaller fans = more noise. Large fans can move the same volume of air with fewer RPM, so they’re more quiet then smaller fans. That’s why 40mm server fans run at 18.000 RPM, while your average 120mm desktop fan, 9 (3x3) times the size, run at just 3000 RPM. That’s why a server sounds like a jet at take-off while your desktop can be (almost) silent if the load is low.

Things you can do;

  • connect the fans to a hub that’s controlled from the mainboard, set a decent fan-curve for that header
  • mount the biggest fans that fit in the case you have
  • get a bigger case
  • go water cooling (Linus did one not that long ago on his LTT channel)
  • as above, but with a separate enclosure housing the radiators, reservoir and pump, with large fans.

Phanteks is making a very well regarded 120x30mm fan that’s very quiet and even better than Noctua when it comes to noise/performance rateo. Obviously this is achieved with the extra depth of the fan itself. So, if your case can accomodate beefier fans, I’d say that these are worth a shot.

But, since you said that you had to take out a fan to fit your GPU, I’d say that your money are better spent for a new case that can properly accomodate your hardware.