Fans for a Kraken x60?

I'm looking to get a kraken x60 and I know that the fans are -supposedly- ridiculously loud. (I'd go for an h110 but I get no flashy lights and it's more expensive!! and it apparently doesn't get along with my Arc Midi R2)



Anyways, I'd like to replace them with fans which would perform very well but still be a bit quiet. I'm up to debate on whether or not I should keep the stock or go with new ones. 


And also, I like graphs, data, pretty much scientific proof and sources to back up claims.



Thanks guys!

Corsair sp series fans are probably the best for radiators I would get a phanteks TC14PE cooler instead.

I move my computer around, I can't have a heavy heatsink bouncing on my motherboard. Second, Corsair doesn't make a 140mm variant of the SP series.

Anything, anybody, please? I've been looking forever and I'm not finding anything that performs well!! I was looking at the bitfenix spectre led fans, but apparently they're just not powerful enough or don't push air like they should through a radiator. 

Don't buy Asetek products.

^ also this.

um Nocuta NF 14 PWM i have 1 on my Kraken X40 or Cougar vortex 140mm